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Classic Encyclopaedia (1911)
American Cyclopaedia (1879)
Encyclopaedia Americana (1903)
The New International Encyclopaedia (1902)
Every Woman's Encyclopaedia (1910-1912)
Chambers's Encyclopaedia (1901)
Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)
The Jewish Encyclopaedia (1907)
The Popular Encyclopaedia
The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics
The University Musical Encyclopedia (c1912-14)
The American History and Encyclopedia of Music (1910)
The New National Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Atlas (1898)
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Farrow's Military Encyclopedia of Military Knowledge (1885)
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States (1905)
The Encyclopedia of the British Empire
Encyclopedia or a Dictionary of Arts Sciences and Literature (1811)
The Reader's Encyclopeadia (1834)
Encyclopedia of Latin America (1917)
Stokes' Encyclopedia of Familiar Quotations (1906)
Daly's bartenders' encyclopedia. A complete catalogue of the latest and most popular drinks (1903)
Gancel's Culinary Encyclopedia of Modern Cooking (1920)
The Epicurean (1894)
The Every-Day Cook-Book and Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes (1889)
The Grocer's Encyclopedia (1911)
The New Household Discoveries An Encyclopedia of Recipes (1917)
Mazdaznan Encyclopedia of Dietetics and Home Cook Book (1909)
The American Pictorial Home Book or Housekeeper Encyclopedia (1883)
Mrs. Beeton's Household Management
The Cook's Own Book (1832)
The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia of Useful Information (1864)
500 Delicious Salad Recipes
Household Cyclopedia of 1881 (1881)
The Unrivalled Cook-Book and Housekeeper's Guide (1886)
Hamilton's Catalog and Food Encyclopedia (1934)
Music Lover's Encyclopedia (1903)
The Imperial History and Encyclopedia of Music
The Fireside Encyclopedia of Poetry - the Most Famous Writers (1901)
The Fireside Encyclopedia of Poetry (1878)
Who's Who in Music and Drama - an Encyclopedia Notable Men and Women in Music and Drama (1914)
University Musical Encyclopedia - The Opera History and Guide (1910)
The Artist's Repository or Encyclopedia of Fine Arts (1808)
Encyclopedia of architecture (1850) and (1852)
Dykes Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia (1917)
Everett's Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge (1905}
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of Jewish knowledge (1934)
Carletons Treasury - a Hand-Book of General Information (1881)
The Encyclopedia of Relgion
The World Almanac and Encyclopedia (1920)
The Complete Compendium of Universal Knowledge
Battle Roll - Encyclopedia of the Most Famous Land Battles (1858)
The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening (1884-89)
Encyclopedia for the home - a Library of the Best Authors (1905)