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Definitions of ‘airy’ airy (adjective) Synonyms: aërial, aëriform, ethereal, atmospheric, pneumatic, unsubstantial, breezy, windy, ventilated, visionary, unreal, vivacious, sprightly, garish, […]

Dictionary April 22, 2023 April 22, 2023 adjective, aërial, aëriform, atmospheric, breezy, ethereal, flaunting, garish, jaunty, pneumatic, sprightly, unreal, unsubstantial, ventilated, visionary, vivacious, windy

Definitions of ‘air’ air (noun) Synonyms: atmosphere Associated words: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ether, aërology, aërologist, aërometry, aëroscopy, aërometer, aërography, […]

Dictionary April 22, 2023 April 22, 2023 aërate, aërator, aërial, aëriferous, aërify, aërodynamics, aërography, aërologist, aërology, aërometer, aërometry, aëronautical, aëronautics, aërophobia, aëroscopy, aërostat, appearance, aria, ariel, aspect, atmosphere, azote, barograph, barometer, bearing, carbon dioxide, cyanometry, demeanor, deportment, descant, display, ether, expose, flaunt, hermetic, hermetically, hygrometry, look, melody, meteorology, mien, neon, nitrogen, noun, oxygen, ozone, pneumatic, pneumatics, pneumatology, pneumotherapy, publicity, semblance, song, style, tune, vent, ventilate, ventilator, verb, xenon

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