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Definitions of ‘storm’ storm (noun) Synonyms: [[tempest]] Antonyms: [[calm]], [[subsidence]], [[serenity]], tranquillity storm (verb) Synonyms: [[assault]], [[attack]], [[besiege]], expugn, [[rage]], […]

Dictionary May 11, 2024 May 11, 2024 assault, attack, besiege, expugn, fume, noun, rage, rant, tempest, verb

Definitions of ‘outrage’ outrage (noun) Synonyms: indignity, affront, insult, assault

Dictionary January 17, 2024 January 17, 2024 affront, assault, indignity, insult, noun
Fall on

Definitions of ‘fall on’ Synonyms: attack, assault, assail

Dictionary August 31, 2023 August 31, 2023 assail, assault, attack

Definitions of ‘charge’ charge (verb) Synonyms: impose, load, encumber, exhort, enjoin, adjure, instruct, commit, intrust, debit, accuse, indict, tax, impute, […]

Dictionary June 10, 2023 June 10, 2023 accuse, adjure, arraign, assault, attack, commit, criminate, debit, encumber, enjoin, exhort, impose, impute, indict, instruct, intrust, load, tax, verb

Definitions of ‘blow’ blow (noun) Synonyms: blossom, bloom, whack, knock, thwack, rap, thump, assault, stroke, buffet, calamity, disaster, reverse, misfortune

Dictionary May 21, 2023 May 21, 2023 assault, bloom, blossom, buffet, calamity, disaster, knock, misfortune, noun, rap, reverse, stroke, thump, thwack, whack

Definitions of ‘batter’ batter (verb) Synonyms: smite, pelt, assault, demolish, raze, shatter

Dictionary May 11, 2023 May 11, 2023 assault, demolish, pelt, raze, shatter, smite, verb

Definitions of ‘attack’ attack (noun) Synonyms: assault, onset, aggression, onslaught, invasion, escalade, siege, descent, charge, bombardment, fusillade, allonge, oppugnancy, access, […]

Dictionary May 4, 2023 May 4, 2023 access, aggression, allonge, assail, assault, beset, besiege, bombard, bombardment, censure, charge, descent, escalade, fit, fusillade, impugn, invade, invasion, noun, onset, onslaught, oppugnancy, siege, storm, verb, waylay

Definitions of ‘assail’ assail (verb) Synonyms: attack, assault, oppugn, asperse, defame, vilify, malign

Dictionary May 2, 2023 May 2, 2023 asperse, assault, attack, defame, malign, oppugn, verb, vilify

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asperse, assault, attack, defame, malign, oppugn, verb, vilify
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