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High liver

Definitions of ‘high liver’ Synonyms: gormand, sybarite, epicure, gourmet, voluptuary, gastronomer, bon vivant

Dictionary October 19, 2023 October 19, 2023 bon vivant, epicure, gastronomer, gormand, gourmet, sybarite, voluptuary
Good fellow

Definitions of ‘good fellow’ Synonyms: trump, brick, bon vivant

Dictionary October 4, 2023 October 4, 2023 bon vivant, brick, trump

Definitions of ‘free-liver’ free-liver (noun) Synonyms: epicure, epicurean, voluptuary, bon vivant

Dictionary September 21, 2023 September 21, 2023 bon vivant, epicure, epicurean, noun, voluptuary

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