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Definitions of ‘mix’ mix (verb) Synonyms: mingle, blend, combine, concoct, incorporate, amalgamate, commingle, impregnate, commix, compound, intermix, intersperse, interlard, associate, […]

Dictionary December 24, 2023 December 24, 2023 amalgamate, associate, blend, combine, commingle, commix, compound, concoct, consort, fraternize, impregnate, incorporate, interlard, intermix, intersperse, mingle, verb

Definitions of ‘match’ match (noun) Synonyms: tally, mate, equal, peer, contest, competition, tournament, tourney, lucifer match, locofoco match (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary December 14, 2023 December 14, 2023 adapt, be proportionate, combine, competition, comport, contend, contest, cope with, correspond, couple, equal, fit, harmonize, join, locofoco, lucifer match, mate, noun, oppose, peer, pit, proportion, rival, sort, tally, tournament, tourney, verb

Definitions of ‘league’ league (noun) Synonyms: alliance, confederation, coalition, confederacy, union, federation, association league (verb) Synonyms: combine, confederate

Dictionary November 25, 2023 November 25, 2023 alliance, association, coalition, combine, confederacy, confederate, confederation, federation, noun, union, verb

Definitions of ‘join’ join (verb) Synonyms: connect, couple, unite, combine, associate, add, append, annex, link, conjoin, mortise, dowel, splice, knit, […]

Dictionary November 15, 2023 November 15, 2023 abut, add, annex, append, associate, coalesce, combine, confederate, conjoin, connect, couple, dovetail, dowel, knit, link, mingle, mortise, separate, splice, unify, unite, verb

Definitions of ‘consolidate’ consolidate (verb) Synonyms: solidify, compress, concrete, unify, merge, incorporate, combine

Dictionary June 28, 2023 June 28, 2023 combine, compress, concrete, incorporate, merge, solidify, unify, verb

Definitions of ‘club’ club (verb) Synonyms: cudgel, beat, pommel, club together, combine, coöperate

Dictionary June 18, 2023 June 18, 2023 beat, club together, combine, coöperate, cudgel, pommel, verb

Definitions of ‘blend’ blend (verb) Synonyms: intermingle, fuse, merge, combine, mix, assimilate blend (noun) Synonyms: mixture, merging, fusion, assimilation, synthesis

Dictionary May 20, 2023 May 20, 2023 assimilate, assimilation, combine, fuse, fusion, intermingle, merge, merging, mix, mixture, noun, synthesis, verb

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assimilate, assimilation, combine, fuse, fusion, intermingle, merge, merging, mix, mixture, noun, synthesis, verb
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