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Definitions of ‘brave’ brave (adjective) Synonyms: intrepid, courageous, valiant, daring, bold, valorous, chivalrous, fearless, adventurous, dauntless, doughty, gallant, heroic, mettlesome, […]

Dictionary May 27, 2023 May 27, 2023 adjective, adventurous, beard, bold, chivalrous, courageous, cowardly, dare, daring, dauntless, defy, doughty, effective, fearless, gallant, heroic, intrepid, lion-hearted, manly, mettlesome, plucky, showy, striking, unafraid, undaunted, valiant, valorous, venturesome, verb

Definitions of ‘active’ active (adjective) Synonyms: brisk, nimble, agile, sprightly, spirited, strenuous, diligent, enterprising, operative, efficacious, drastic, effective, transitive Antonyms: […]

Dictionary April 17, 2023 April 17, 2023 adjective, agile, brisk, diligent, drastic, effective, efficacious, enterprising, nimble, operative, spirited, sprightly, strenuous, transitive

Definitions of ‘able’ able (adjective) Synonyms: competent, qualified, capable, talented, clever, gifted, efficient, effective, cogent, telling, potent Antonyms: unable, incompetent, […]

Dictionary April 13, 2023 April 13, 2023 adjective, capable, clever, cogent, competent, effective, efficient, gifted, potent, qualified, talented, telling

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