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Definitions of ‘lengthening’ lengthening (noun) Synonyms: extension, elongation, protraction, prolongation

Dictionary November 27, 2023 November 27, 2023 elongation, extension, noun, prolongation, protraction

Definitions of ‘growth’ growth (noun) Synonyms: growing, development, accretion, extension, increase, augmentation, increment, enlargement, excrescence hypertrophy, overgrowth, germination, cultivation, pullulation, […]

Dictionary October 9, 2023 October 9, 2023 accretion, augmentation, cultivation, development, enlargement, excrescence hypertrophy, extension, germination, growing, increase, increment, noun, overgrowth, pullulation, sprouting

Definitions of ‘enlargement’ enlargement (noun) Synonyms: augmentation, extension, expansion, dilation, development, growth, increase, amplification, dilatation, ennoblement, expatiation

Dictionary August 19, 2023 August 19, 2023 amplification, augmentation, development, dilatation, dilation, ennoblement, expansion, expatiation, extension, growth, increase, noun
Drawing out

Definitions of ‘drawing out’ Synonyms: extension, protraction, stretching, eduction, extraction

Dictionary August 8, 2023 August 8, 2023 eduction, extension, extraction, protraction, stretching

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