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Blacksmith’s shop

Definitions of ‘blacksmith’s shop’ Synonyms: smithy, smithery, farriery, stithy, forge

Dictionary May 19, 2023 May 19, 2023 farriery, forge, smithery, smithy, stithy

Definitions of ‘beat’ beat (verb) Synonyms: forge, malleate, beetle, weld, hammer, belabor, maul, buffet, smite, flagellate, whack, pelt, strike, overcome, […]

Dictionary May 12, 2023 May 12, 2023 beetle, belabor, bray, bruise, buffet, cheat, checkmate, comminute, conquer, defraud, eclipse, excel, flagellate, forge, hammer, malleate, maul, nonplus, noun, outdo, overcome, pelt, perplex, pose, pulsate, pulsation, pulverize, round, rout, smite, strike, subdue, superior, surpass, swindle, throb, triturate, vanquish, verb, weld, whack, whip

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