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Definitions of ‘imposture’ imposture (noun) Synonyms: fraud, imposition, charlatanism, deception

Dictionary October 30, 2023 October 30, 2023 charlatanism, deception, fraud, imposition, noun

Definitions of ‘gull’ gull (noun) Synonyms: cheat, swindle, humbug, fraud, dupe, gudgeon, cully, seamew, mew, cob

Dictionary October 10, 2023 October 10, 2023 cheat, cob, cully, dupe, fraud, gudgeon, humbug, mew, noun, seamew, swindle

Definitions of ‘cog’ cog (noun) Synonyms: cam, catch, trick, deception, fraud

Dictionary June 20, 2023 June 20, 2023 cam, catch, deception, fraud, noun, trick

Definitions of ‘cheat’ cheat (noun) Synonyms: fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture, swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind, […]

Dictionary June 11, 2023 June 11, 2023 bamboozle, bamboozler, beguile, bilk, blackleg, blind, bubble, bunko, charlatan, chicanery, counterfeit, cozen, deceiver, deception, defraud, delusion, dupe, empiric, fetch, finesse, fraud, hoax, hocus, hoodwink, humbug, imposition, impostor, imposture, mockery, mountebank, noun, overreach, quack, sharper, stratagem, swindle, swindler, thimblerig, thimblerigger, thimblerigging, trick, trickster, verb, wile

Definitions of ‘charlatan’ charlatan (noun) Synonyms: pretender, quack, impostor, fraud, cheat, mountebank, empiric

Dictionary June 11, 2023 June 11, 2023 cheat, empiric, fraud, impostor, mountebank, noun, pretender, quack

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