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Definitions of ‘mean’ mean (verb) Synonyms: intend, purpose, design, contemplate, signify, purport, denote, betoken, imply, typify, indicate mean (adjective) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary December 15, 2023 December 15, 2023 abject, adjective, average, base, betoken, contemplate, contemptible, denote, design, despicable, dishonorable, disingenuous, frivolous, groveling, ignoble, illiberal, imply, inconsequential, indicate, inferior, inglorious, insignificant, intend, intermediate, intervening, low-minded, mediate, mediocre, medium, menial, mercenary parsimonious, middle, midway, miserly, moderate, noun, obscure, paltry, penurious, piddling, plebeian, poor, purport, purpose, scurvy, servile, shabby, signify, sordid, stingy, typify, unbecoming, undignified, undistinguished, ungenerous, verb, vulgar

Definitions of ‘lowbred’ lowbred (adjective) Synonyms: unrefined, illbred, vulgar, rude

Dictionary December 4, 2023 December 4, 2023 adjective, illbred, rude, unrefined, vulgar

Definitions of ‘low’ low (adjective) Synonyms: depressed, base, mean, vulgar, raffish, ignominious, undignified, moderate, reasonable, cheap, humble, lowly, obscure, feeble, […]

Dictionary December 4, 2023 December 4, 2023 abject, adjective, adverb, base, cheap, degraded, depressed, faint, feeble, gentle, grave, groveling, humble, ignoble, ignominious, lowly, mean, menial, moderate, moo, obscure, raffish, reasonable, servile, softly, sordid, sotto voce, subdued, undignified, verb, vulgar, weak

Definitions of ‘indelicate’ indelicate (adjective) Synonyms: unrefined, indecorous, immodest, unchaste, rude, vulgar

Dictionary November 2, 2023 November 2, 2023 adjective, immodest, indecorous, rude, unchaste, unrefined, vulgar

Definitions of ‘impure’ impure (adjective) Synonyms: tainted, defiled, contaminated, polluted, vitiated, infected, adulterated, alloyed, sophisticated, unchaste, lewd, indelicate, indecent, barbarous, […]

Dictionary October 31, 2023 October 31, 2023 adjective, adulterated, alloyed, barbarous, contaminated, defiled, hybrid, indecent, indelicate, infected, lewd, polluted, sophisticated, tainted, unchaste, vitiated, vulgar

Definitions of ‘foul’ foul (adjective) Synonyms: filthy, squalid, dirty, polluted, scurrilous, abusive, obscene, insulting, blasphemous, vituperative, vulgar, shameful, detestable, odious, […]

Dictionary September 19, 2023 September 19, 2023 abominable, abusive, adjective, blasphemous, defile, detestable, dirty, disgusting, dreggish, dreggy, feculent, filthy, insulting, loathsome, obscene, odious, offensive, pollute, polluted, repulsive, roily, scurrilous, shameful, soil, squalid, turbid, unfavorable, unpropitious, verb, vituperative, vulgar

Definitions of ‘coarse’ coarse (adjective) Synonyms: crass, gross, unrefined, rude, unpolished, indelicate, ribald, homespun, vulgar, inelegant, unbolted, unpurified

Dictionary June 19, 2023 June 19, 2023 adjective, crass, gross, homespun, indelicate, inelegant, ribald, rude, unbolted, unpolished, unpurified, unrefined, vulgar

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adjective, crass, gross, homespun, indelicate, inelegant, ribald, rude, unbolted, unpolished, unpurified, unrefined, vulgar
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