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Pleiades, The (Plei´ades). Seven daughters of [[Atlas (mythology)]] and Pleione. Their names were Electra, Alcyone, Celaeno, [[Maia (mythology)]], Sterope, Taygete, […]

Mythology July 2, 2024 July 2, 2024 atlas, Maia, myth, mythological character, mythology, Pleiades

Mercury (Mer´cury), the son of [[Jupiter (mythology)]] and [[Maia (mythology)]], was the messenger of the gods, and the conductor of […]

Mythology June 11, 2024 June 11, 2024 Apollo, caduceus, Hades, Hermes, Jove, Jupiter, Maia, Mars, mercury, myth, mythological character, mythology, Neptune, Thoth, Venus, Vulcan

Maia (Ma´ia). The mother of the Grecian Mercury.

Mythology June 7, 2024 June 7, 2024 Maia, myth, mythological character, mythology

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Maia, myth, mythological character, mythology
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