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Definitions of ‘reprobate’ reprobate (adjective) Synonyms: [[abandoned]], depraved, profligate, incorrigible reprobate (noun) Synonyms: [[castaway]], [[outcast]], [[wretch]] reprobate (verb) Synonyms: [[condemn]], […]

Dictionary March 8, 2024 March 8, 2024 abandon, abandoned, adjective, castaway, condemn, denounce, depraved, incorrigible, noun, outcast, profligate, reject, verb, wretch

Definitions of ‘relinquish’ relinquish (verb) Synonyms: [[surrender]], [[waive]], [[forego]], [[renounce]], [[cede]], [[abandon]], [[desert]]

Dictionary March 5, 2024 March 5, 2024 abandon, cede, Desert, Forego, Renounce, surrender, verb, Waive

Definitions of ‘quit’ quit (verb) Synonyms: [[cease]], [[stop]], desist, discontinue, [[forbear]], break off, [[abandon]], [[leave]], [[forsake]], evacuate, [[surrender]], [[resign]], [[absolve]], […]

Dictionary February 22, 2024 February 22, 2024 abandon, absolve, acquit, break off, cease, desist, discontinue, evacuate, forbear, Forsake, leave, resign, stop, surrender, verb

Definitions of ‘leave’ leave (noun) Synonyms: permission, leave-taking, adieu, farewell, congé, withdrawal, retirement, departure, leaving, egress leave (verb) Synonyms: depart […]

Dictionary November 26, 2023 November 26, 2023 abandon, abstain from, adieu, allow, bequeath, commit, congé, consign, deliver, depart, depart from, departure, Desert, desist from, devise, egress, farewell, forbear, Forego, Forsake, give over, go, intrust, leave-taking, leaving, let, noun, permission, permit, retire from, retirement, set out, start, vacate, verb, will, withdrawal

Definitions of ‘lawlessness’ lawlessness (noun) Synonyms: anarchy, unrestraint, abandon, mobocracy, license, riot

Dictionary November 24, 2023 November 24, 2023 abandon, anarchy, license, mobocracy, noun, riot, Unrestraint
Give up

Definitions of ‘give up’ Synonyms: surrender, disgorge, yield, cease, desist, quit, relinquish, waive, cede, succumb, abdicate, abandon, desert Antonyms: resist, […]

Dictionary October 1, 2023 October 1, 2023 abandon, Abdicate, cease, cede, Desert, desist, disgorge, quit, Relinquish, succumb, surrender, Waive, yield

Definitions of ‘forsake’ forsake (verb) Synonyms: quit, abandon, leave, renounce, reject, relinquish, forswear

Dictionary September 18, 2023 September 18, 2023 abandon, forswear, leave, quit, reject, Relinquish, Renounce, verb

Definitions of ‘ease’ ease (noun) Synonyms: facility, easiness, repose, quiescence, comfort, tranquillity, contentment, peace, serenity, unrestraint, informality, abandon Antonyms: constraint, […]

Dictionary August 13, 2023 August 13, 2023 abandon, allay, alleviate, appease, assuage, comfort, contentment, easiness, facilitate, facility, informality, mitigate, mollify, noun, palliate, peace, quiescence, relax, release, repose, serenity, soothe, tranquillity, Unrestraint, verb

Definitions of ‘desert’ desert (noun) Synonyms: merit, meed, due desert (noun) Synonyms: wilderness, wild Associated words: oasis, mirage, caravan, caravansary, […]

Dictionary July 23, 2023 July 23, 2023 abandon, adjective, barren, caravan, caravansary, desolate, due, eremic, Forsake, inarable, infertile, leave, meed, merit, mirage, noun, oasis, run away from, unproductive, verb, waste, wild, wilderness

Definitions of ‘debauch’ debauch (verb) Synonyms: vitiate, deprave, corrupt, demoralize, ravish, rape debauch (noun) Synonyms: debauchery, dissipation, abandon, drunkenness saturnalia, […]

Dictionary July 17, 2023 July 17, 2023 abandon, bacchanals, corrupt, debauchery, demoralize, deprave, dissipation, drunkenness saturnalia, lechery, noun, orgies, rape, ravish, verb, vitiate

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abandon, bacchanals, corrupt, debauchery, demoralize, deprave, dissipation, drunkenness saturnalia, lechery, noun, orgies, rape, ravish, verb, vitiate
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