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Definitions of ‘back’ back (noun) Synonyms: reverse, posteriors, fundament, buttocks, seat, rump, breech, ridge Associated words: supine, resupine, resupination, dorsigerous, […]

Dictionary May 7, 2023 May 7, 2023 abet, adjective, adverb, aitchbone, backward, breech, buttocks, coöperate, crick, distant, dorsal, dorsicumbent, dorsiferous, dorsigerous, dorsiparous, dos-à-dos, frontier, fundament, in arrear, in requital, in restitution, in return, indorse, loins, lumbago, lumbar, maintain, mount, neural, notal, notalgia, noun, posterior, posteriors, rear, rearward, remote, resupination, resupine, reverse, ridge, rump, seat, second, subsidize, supine, support, tergal, tergiferous, verb, with

Definitions of ‘assist’ assist (verb) Synonyms: abet, coöperate with, aid See help

Dictionary May 3, 2023 May 3, 2023 abet, aid, coöperate with, help, verb

Definitions of ‘aid’ aid (noun) Synonyms: assistance, coöperation, succor, relief, furtherance, help, subsidy, subvention, patronage, assistant, helper, aid-de-camp aid (verb) […]

Dictionary April 22, 2023 April 22, 2023 abet, aid-de-camp, assist, assistance, assistant, befriend, coöperate, coöperation, furtherance, help, helper, noun, patronage, promote, relief, subsidy, subvention, succor, verb

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