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Definitions of ‘father’ father (noun) Synonyms: pater familias, procreator, sire, patriarch, founder, originator, author Associated words: affiliate, affiliation, filiation, patricide, […]

Dictionary September 2, 2023 September 2, 2023 affiliate, affiliation, agnate, agnation, author, beget, engender, filiation, founder, noun, originator, parricide, pater familias, paternalism, patriarch, patricidal, patricide, patrimony, procreate, procreator, sire, verb

Definitions of ‘creed’ creed (noun) Synonyms: faith, religion, religious belief, religious persuasion, religious conviction, religious group, faith community, church, persuasion, […]

Dictionary July 8, 2023 July 8, 2023 affiliation, body, brotherhood, church, communion, denomination, faith, faith community, following, fraternity, noun, order, persuasion, religion, religious belief, religious conviction, religious group, religious persuasion, school, sect, sisterhood, symbolics, symbolism

Definitions of ‘connection’ connection (noun) Synonyms: union, alliance, relationship, junction, conjunction, affiliation, association, filiation, implication, relative, relation, kinsman, bond, tie, […]

Dictionary June 27, 2023 June 27, 2023 affiliation, alliance, association, bond, conjunction, coupling vinculum, filiation, implication, junction, kinsman, link, noun, relation, relationship, relative, tie, union

Definitions of ‘child’ child (noun) Synonyms: progeny, offspring, issue, infant, babe, baby, tot, bairn, brat, bastard, orphan, foundling, waif, cockney, […]

Dictionary June 13, 2023 June 13, 2023 affiliate, affiliation, babe, baby, bairn, bastard, brat, cockney, filial, filiation, filicide, foundling, infant, infanticide, issue, minor, misopedia, noun, offspring, orphan, pediatrics, philoprogenitive, philoprogenitiveness, progeny, prolicide, puberty, putti, tot, waif

Definitions of ‘bond’ bond (noun) Synonyms: friendship, relationship, fellowship, partnership, association, affiliation, alliance, coalition, attachment, tie, link, connection, union, nexus […]

Dictionary May 24, 2023 May 24, 2023 adjective, affiliation, affix, alliance, association, attach, attachment, bind, captive, cement, coalition, connect, connection, enslaved, fasten, fellowship, fix, friendship, fuse, glue, gum, join, link, nexus, noun, partnership, paste, relationship, secure, solder, stick, tie, union, verb, weld

Definitions of ‘association’ association (noun) Synonyms: affiliation, connection, intimacy, conjunction, combination, participation, collaboration, collusion, coöperation, coadjuvancy, fraternity, sodality, syndicate, confraternity, […]

Dictionary May 3, 2023 May 3, 2023 affiliation, coadjuvancy, collaboration, collusion, combination, confraternity, conjunction, connection, coöperation, corporation, fraternity, guild, intimacy, league, noun, participation, sodality, syndicate

Definitions of ‘alliance’ alliance (noun) Synonyms: union, coalition, federation, confederacy, league, affinity, affiliation, connection, relationship

Dictionary April 23, 2023 April 23, 2023 affiliation, affinity, coalition, confederacy, connection, federation, league, noun, relationship, union

Definitions of ‘adoption’ adoption (noun) Synonyms: affiliation, fathering, espousal

Dictionary April 19, 2023 April 19, 2023 affiliation, espousal, fathering, noun

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