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Definitions of ‘witness’ witness (verb) Synonyms: [[testify]], bear witness, [[confirm]], corroborate, [[attest]] witness (noun) Synonyms: [[attestation]], [[testimony]], evidence, eye-witness, deponent, […]

Dictionary July 23, 2024 July 23, 2024 attest, attestation, attestor, bear witness, confirm, corroborate, deponent, evidence, eye-witness, noun, testify, testimony, verb

Definitions of ‘warrant’ warrant (verb) Synonyms: [[guarantee]], assure, [[insure]], [[justify]], [[defend]], affirm, [[attest]], [[vouch]] warrant (noun) Synonyms: commission, [[authority]], guaranty, […]

Dictionary July 13, 2024 July 13, 2024 affirm, assure, attest, attestation, authority, commission, defend, guarantee, guaranty, insure, justify, noun, surety, verb, vouch, voucher

Definitions of ‘vouch’ vouch (verb) Synonyms: [[attest]], corroborate, [[warrant]]

Dictionary July 10, 2024 July 10, 2024 attest, corroborate, verb, warrant

Definitions of ‘verify’ verify (verb) Synonyms: corroborate, [[confirm]], [[attest]], [[authenticate]], [[prove]]

Dictionary July 6, 2024 July 6, 2024 attest, authenticate, confirm, corroborate, prove, verb

Definitions of ‘testify’ testify (verb) Synonyms: depose, [[attest]], asseverate, [[verify]]

Dictionary May 27, 2024 May 27, 2024 asseverate, attest, depose, verb, verify

Definitions of ‘seal’ seal (noun) Associated words: rookery, [[pup]] seal (verb) Synonyms: [[ratify]], [[authenticate]], [[confirm]], [[attest]]

Dictionary March 30, 2024 March 30, 2024 attest, authenticate, confirm, noun, pup, ratify, rookery, verb

Definitions of ‘certify’ certify (verb) Synonyms: assure, attest, testify to, vouch for

Dictionary June 9, 2023 June 9, 2023 assure, attest, testify to, verb, vouch for

Definitions of ‘authenticate’ authenticate (verb) Synonyms: verify, attest, confirm

Dictionary May 6, 2023 May 6, 2023 attest, confirm, verb, verify

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