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Definitions of ‘inwards’ inwards (noun, plural) Synonyms: entrails, intestines, bowels, guts, viscera, giblets, inmeats, umbles

Dictionary November 11, 2023 November 11, 2023 bowels, entrails, giblets, guts, inmeats, intestines, noun, plural, umbles, viscera

Definitions of ‘intestines’ intestines (noun, plural) Synonyms: entrails, bowels, inwards, guts, omentum, caul, vermiform appendix, colon, rectum, hindgut, enteron, cæcum, […]

Dictionary November 10, 2023 November 10, 2023 alimentary canal, alvine, bowels, cæcum, caul, chitterlings, colon, crypt, disembowel, disembowelment, duodenum, enteralgia, enteric, enteritis, enterography, enterolith, enterology, enteron, enteropathy, enteroplasty, enterotomy, entrails, eviscerate, evisceration, guts, hindgut, ileum, ileus, intestinal, inwards, jejunum, noun, plural, omentum, peristalsis, rectum, splanchnography, splanchnology, vermiculation, vermiform appendix, viscerate, visceration, volvulus

Definitions of ‘guts’ guts (noun, plural) Synonyms: intestines, bowels, entrails

Dictionary October 11, 2023 October 11, 2023 bowels, entrails, intestines, noun, plural

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