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Definitions of ‘stir’ stir (verb) Synonyms: [[move]], budge stir (noun) Synonyms: [[agitation]], [[tumult]], [[bustle]], [[commotion]], [[flutter]], [[ado]], [[activity]], [[confusion]], [[flurry]], […]

Dictionary May 9, 2024 May 9, 2024 activity, ado, agitation, budge, bustle, commotion, confusion, disturbance, flurry, flutter, fuss, move, noun, tumult, verb

Definitions of ‘scuttle’ scuttle (noun) Synonyms: coal hod, manhole scuttle (verb) Synonyms: scuddle, [[hurry]], [[bustle]], [[run]]

Dictionary March 30, 2024 March 30, 2024 bustle, coal hod, hurry, manhole, noun, run, scuddle, verb

Definitions of ‘ruffle’ ruffle (noun) Synonyms: ruff, [[frill]], [[flounce]], [[furbelow]], [[perturbation]], [[flurry]], [[bustle]] ruffle (verb) Synonyms: [[pucker]], [[pleat]], [[wrinkle]], [[rumple]], […]

Dictionary March 20, 2024 March 20, 2024 agitate, bustle, derange, disarrange, discompose, disconcert, disorder, flounce, flurry, frill, furbelow, noun, perturb, perturbation, pleat, pucker, ruff, rumple, strut, swagger, verb, wrinkle

Definitions of ‘pother’ pother (noun) Synonyms: confusion, commotion, flutter, bustle, stir

Dictionary February 11, 2024 February 11, 2024 bustle, commotion, confusion, flutter, noun, stir

Definitions of ‘hurly-burly’ hurly-burly (noun) Synonyms: tumult, bustle, turmoil, confusion, commotion

Dictionary October 25, 2023 October 25, 2023 bustle, commotion, confusion, noun, tumult, turmoil

Definitions of ‘fuss’ fuss (noun) Synonyms: ado, bustle, to-do, pother, agitation, excitement fuss (verb) Synonyms: pother, fume, fret, disturb, annoy, […]

Dictionary September 26, 2023 September 26, 2023 ado, agitation, annoy, bother, bustle, disturb, excitement, fret, fume, noun, pother, to-do, verb

Definitions of ‘ado’ ado (noun) Synonyms: fuss, bustle, stir, excitement, pother

Dictionary April 18, 2023 April 18, 2023 bustle, excitement, fuss, noun, pother, stir

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bustle, excitement, fuss, noun, pother, stir
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