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Definitions of ‘harmony’ harmony (noun) Synonyms: concord, agreement, concurrence, consonance chime, unison, unanimity, concordance, congruity, adaptation, consistency Antonyms: discord, antagonism, […]

Dictionary October 14, 2023 October 14, 2023 adaptation, agreement, concord, concordance, concurrence, congruity, consistency, consonance chime, noun, unanimity, unison
Falling in with

Definitions of ‘falling in with’ Synonyms: meeting, concurrence, agreement, compliance

Dictionary August 30, 2023 August 30, 2023 agreement, compliance, concurrence, meeting

Definitions of ‘correspondence’ correspondence (noun) Synonyms: adaptation, agreement, congruity, concurrence, homology, letters

Dictionary July 3, 2023 July 3, 2023 adaptation, agreement, concurrence, congruity, homology, letters, noun

Definitions of ‘coöperation’ coöperation (noun) Synonyms: concurrence, working together, collusion, synergism, synergy Antonyms: antagonism, competition, opposition

Dictionary July 2, 2023 July 2, 2023 collusion, concurrence, noun, synergism, synergy, working together

Definitions of ‘consent’ consent (verb) Synonyms: agree, accord, concur, accede, yield, assent, acquiesce, comply, permit Antonyms: dissent, disagree, refuse consent […]

Dictionary June 28, 2023 June 28, 2023 accede, accord, acquiesce, acquiescence, agree, agreement, approval, assent, compliance, comply, concur, concurrence, noun, permission, permit, verb, yield

Definitions of ‘concert’ concert (noun) Synonyms: accordance, concurrence, harmony, musicale

Dictionary June 26, 2023 June 26, 2023 accordance, concurrence, harmony, musicale, noun

Definitions of ‘coincidence’ coincidence (noun) Synonyms: concurrence, correspondence, agreement

Dictionary June 20, 2023 June 20, 2023 agreement, concurrence, correspondence, noun

Definitions of ‘assent’ assent (noun) Synonyms: consent, agreement, acquiescence, concurrence, placet Antonyms: dissent, declension assent (verb) Synonyms: concur, acquiesce, concede, […]

Dictionary May 3, 2023 May 3, 2023 acquiesce, acquiescence, agreement, concede, concur, concurrence, consent, noun, placet, verb, yield

Definitions of ‘accordance’ accordance (noun) Synonyms: conformity, unanimity, harmony, accord, rapport, concurrence

Dictionary April 16, 2023 April 16, 2023 accord, concurrence, conformity, harmony, noun, rapport, unanimity

Definitions of ‘accord’ accord (noun) Synonyms: agreement, concurrence, harmony, sympathy Antonyms: variance, disagreement, inharmony

Dictionary April 16, 2023 April 16, 2023 agreement, concurrence, harmony, noun, sympathy

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agreement, concurrence, harmony, noun, sympathy
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