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Definitions of ‘ornament’ ornament (noun) Synonyms: decoration, embellishment, adornment, garniture, ornamentation, parure ornament (verb) Synonyms: decorate, embellish, garnish, bedeck, grace, […]

Dictionary January 15, 2024 January 15, 2024 adornment, beautify, bedeck, decorate, decoration, embellish, embellishment, garnish, garniture, grace, noun, ornamentation, parure, verb

Definitions of ‘garniture’ garniture (noun) Synonyms: garnish, garnishment, embellishment, decoration, trimming

Dictionary September 27, 2023 September 27, 2023 decoration, embellishment, garnish, garnishment, noun, trimming

Definitions of ‘enrichment’ enrichment (noun) Synonyms: fertilization, endowment, embellishment, decoration, adornment

Dictionary August 19, 2023 August 19, 2023 adornment, decoration, embellishment, endowment, fertilization, noun

Definitions of ’embellishment’ embellishment (noun) Synonyms: adornment, decoration, beautification, ornamentation, ornament, garniture, garnish, trimming

Dictionary August 17, 2023 August 17, 2023 adornment, beautification, decoration, garnish, garniture, noun, ornament, ornamentation, trimming

Definitions of ‘adornment’ adornment (noun) Synonyms: ornamentation, decoration Antonyms: disfigurement, defacement

Dictionary April 19, 2023 April 19, 2023 decoration, noun, ornamentation

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decoration, noun, ornamentation
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