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Definitions of ‘guy’ guy (noun) Synonyms: guy-rope, stay, shore, scarecrow, dowdy, fright, effigy

Dictionary October 11, 2023 October 11, 2023 dowdy, effigy, fright, guy-rope, noun, scarecrow, shore, stay

Definitions of ‘frowzy’ frowzy (adjective) Synonyms: strong-smelling, fetid, rank, musty, rancid, malodorous, slatternly, disordered, untidy, disheveled, dowdy

Dictionary September 24, 2023 September 24, 2023 adjective, disheveled, disordered, dowdy, fetid, malodorous, musty, rancid, rank, slatternly, strong-smelling, untidy

Definitions of ‘fright’ fright (noun) Synonyms: alarm, fear, consternation, terror, dismay, ogre, scarecrow, guy, dowdy

Dictionary September 22, 2023 September 22, 2023 alarm, consternation, dismay, dowdy, fear, guy, noun, ogre, scarecrow, terror

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