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Definitions of ‘soothing’ soothing (adjective) Synonyms: [[bland]], emollient, demulcent, gratifying, quieting, [[sedative]]

Dictionary April 26, 2024 April 26, 2024 adjective, bland, demulcent, emollient, gratifying, quieting, sedative

Definitions of ‘softening’ softening (adjective) Synonyms: demulcent, [[lenient]], assuasive, emollient, relaxing, mollient, mollifying

Dictionary April 25, 2024 April 25, 2024 adjective, assuasive, demulcent, emollient, lenient, mollient, mollifying, relaxing

Definitions of ‘soft’ soft (adjective) Synonyms: mellow, [[yielding]], impressible, impressionable, malleable, fictile, [[plastic]], [[pliable]], [[bland]], emollient, [[grateful]], [[delicate]], [[subdued]], [[flexible]], […]

Dictionary April 25, 2024 April 25, 2024 adjective, bland, compliant, conciliatory, delicate, effeminate, emollient, facile, fictile, flaccid, flexible, foolish, grateful, impressible, impressionable, irresolute, malleable, mellow, mild, plastic, pliable, queachy, subdued, unmanly silly, yielding

Definitions of ‘salve’ salve (noun) Synonyms: [[ointment]], cerate, embrocation, emollient, [[balm]], unguent salve (verb) Synonyms: anoint, embrocate, [[heal]], [[remedy]], [[cure]]

Dictionary March 24, 2024 March 24, 2024 anoint, balm, cerate, cure, embrocate, embrocation, emollient, heal, noun, ointment, remedy, unguent, verb

Definitions of ‘relieving’ relieving (adjective) Synonyms: [[mitigative]], assuasive, [[palliative]], remedial, emollient, lenitive, comforting

Dictionary March 5, 2024 March 5, 2024 adjective, assuasive, comforting, emollient, lenitive, mitigative, palliative, remedial

Definitions of ‘mild’ mild (adjective) Synonyms: gentle, indulgent, tender, merciful, clement, lenient, bland, demulcent, lenitive, emollient, mitigative Antonyms: severe, drastic, […]

Dictionary December 20, 2023 December 20, 2023 adjective, bland, clement, demulcent, emollient, gentle, indulgent, lenient, lenitive, merciful, mitigative, tender

Definitions of ‘healing’ healing (adjective) Synonyms: curative, sanative, restorative, remedial, mollifying, sanatory, therapeutic, lenitive, medicinal, emollient, assuasive

Dictionary October 16, 2023 October 16, 2023 adjective, assuasive, curative, emollient, lenitive, medicinal, mollifying, remedial, restorative, sanative, sanatory, therapeutic

Definitions of ‘bland’ bland (adjective) Synonyms: suave, mollifying, affable, complaisant, soothing, emollient, demulsive, assuasive

Dictionary May 19, 2023 May 19, 2023 adjective, affable, assuasive, complaisant, demulsive, emollient, mollifying, soothing, suave

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adjective, affable, assuasive, complaisant, demulsive, emollient, mollifying, soothing, suave
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