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Definitions of ‘knot’ knot (noun) Synonyms: entanglement, snarl, intricacy, complication, cluster, group, band, bevy, gang, company, joint, node, knag, burl, […]

Dictionary November 21, 2023 November 21, 2023 band, bevy, bunch, burl, cluster, company, complication, entangle, entanglement, gang, gnarl, group, intricacy, joint, knag, knob, node, nodosity, nodule, noun, snarl, tie, tuft, verb

Definitions of ‘kink’ kink (verb) Synonyms: snarl, become entangled kink (noun) Synonyms: snarl, knot, entanglement, twist, crotchet, whim, caprice, eccentricity

Dictionary November 19, 2023 November 19, 2023 become entangled, caprice, crotchet, eccentricity, entanglement, knot, noun, snarl, twist, verb, whim

Definitions of ‘jumble’ jumble (verb) Synonyms: confuse, disarrange, entangle, mix jumble (noun) Synonyms: disorder, confusion, disarray, mixture, entanglement, chaos, hodgepodge

Dictionary November 16, 2023 November 16, 2023 chaos, confuse, confusion, disarrange, disarray, disorder, entangle, entanglement, hodgepodge, mix, mixture, noun, verb

Definitions of ‘intricacy’ intricacy (noun) Synonyms: complication, entanglement, complexity

Dictionary November 10, 2023 November 10, 2023 complexity, complication, entanglement, noun

Definitions of ‘complication’ complication (noun) Synonyms: intricacy, entanglement, involution, complexity, snarl, confusion, imbroglio Antonyms: disentanglement, simplicity

Dictionary June 25, 2023 June 25, 2023 complexity, confusion, entanglement, imbroglio, intricacy, involution, noun, snarl

Definitions of ‘complexity’ complexity (noun) Synonyms: intricacy, entanglement, complication

Dictionary June 24, 2023 June 24, 2023 complication, entanglement, intricacy, noun

Definitions of ‘coil’ coil (noun) Synonyms: convolution, intervolution, entanglement, toil, mesh, perplexity, querl coil (verb) Synonyms: convolve, intervolve

Dictionary June 20, 2023 June 20, 2023 convolution, convolve, entanglement, intervolution, intervolve, mesh, noun, perplexity, querl, toil, verb

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