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Definitions of ‘good’ good (adjective) Synonyms: virtuous, worthy, moral, exemplary, conscientious, sterling, meritorious, saintly, guileless, humane, altruistic, philanthropic, benevolent, indulgent, […]

Dictionary October 3, 2023 October 3, 2023 adjective, adroit, advantage, altruistic, auspicious, beneficial, benefit, benevolent, character, clever, commendable, competent, conscientious, desirable, dexterous, excellence, excellent, exemplary, expedient, favorable, guileless, humane, indulgent, interest, meritorious, moral, noun, philanthropic, proficient, propitious, ready, saintly, sterling, utility, value, virtue, virtuous, weal, welfare, well-being, worth, worthy

Definitions of ‘example’ example (noun) Synonyms: sample, specimen, exemplification, model, pattern, prototype, copy, archetype, exemplar, precedent instance, illustration, case Associated […]

Dictionary August 24, 2023 August 24, 2023 archetype, case, copy, exemplar, exemplary, exemplification, exemplify, illustration, model, noun, pattern, praxis, precedent instance, prototype, sample, specimen

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