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Definitions of ‘subside’ subside (verb) Synonyms: [[decrease]], [[sink]], [[abate]], [[fall]]

Dictionary May 15, 2024 May 15, 2024 abate, decrease, fall, sink, verb

Definitions of ‘sinking’ sinking (noun) Synonyms: [[subsidence]], [[fall]], [[decrease]], [[decline]]

Dictionary April 16, 2024 April 16, 2024 decline, decrease, fall, noun, subsidence

Definitions of ‘sink’ sink (verb) Synonyms: [[subside]], descend, [[decline]], [[fall]], [[immerse]], [[submerge]], engulf, [[merge]]

Dictionary April 16, 2024 April 16, 2024 decline, descend, engulf, fall, immerse, merge, submerge, subside, verb

Definitions of ‘settle’ settle (verb) Synonyms: fix, [[establish]], ordain, [[install]], adjust, determine, [[decide]], [[sink]], [[subside]], [[fall]], precipitate, [[quiet]], [[calm]], [[pacify]], […]

Dictionary April 6, 2024 April 6, 2024 adjust, calm, colonize, decide, determine, establish, fall, fix, install, ordain, pacify, people, precipitate, quiet, sink, subside, tranquillize, verb

Definitions of ‘lower’ lower (verb) Synonyms: drop, depress, reduce, decrease, diminish, fall, humble, humiliate, degrade, abash, detrude, dishonor, frown, scowl, […]

Dictionary December 4, 2023 December 4, 2023 abash, adjective, decrease, degrade, depress, detrude, diminish, dishonor, drop, fall, frown, glower, humble, humiliate, look sullen, nether, reduce, scowl, under, verb

Definitions of ‘founder’ founder (noun) Synonyms: establisher, institutor, father, planter, originator, moulder, closh founder (verb) Synonyms: fall, stumble, fail, miscarry

Dictionary September 19, 2023 September 19, 2023 closh, establisher, fail, fall, father, institutor, miscarry, moulder, noun, originator, planter, stumble, verb

Definitions of ‘drop’ drop (noun) Synonyms: globule, minim, blob, pendant, descent, fall drop (verb) Synonyms: distill, dribble, trickle, drip, fall, […]

Dictionary August 10, 2023 August 10, 2023 banish, bedrop, blob, depress, descent, Discard, discontinue, dismiss, distill, dribble, drip, fall, fleck, globule, intermit, let fall, lower, minim, noun, pendant, release, Relinquish, remit, sink, speckle, trickle, variegate, verb

Definitions of ‘cataract’ cataract (noun) Synonyms: waterfall, cascade, fall, lin

Dictionary June 7, 2023 June 7, 2023 cascade, fall, lin, noun, waterfall

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cascade, fall, lin, noun, waterfall
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