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Definitions of ‘kindle’ kindle (verb) Synonyms: enkindle, fire, ignite, incite, inflame, rouse

Dictionary November 19, 2023 November 19, 2023 enkindle, fire, ignite, incite, inflame, rouse, verb

Definitions of ‘heat’ heat (noun) Synonyms: warmth, caloric, cauma Associated words: pyrology, pyrologist, thermology, pyrometry, pyrometer, pyronomics, calorifics, therm, thermal, […]

Dictionary October 17, 2023 October 17, 2023 ardor, calefy, caloric, calorie, calorifics, cauma, enthusiasm, fervency, fervor, fire, impetuosity, intensity, noun, œstrus, pyrography, pyrologist, pyrology, pyrometer, pyrometry, pyronomics, rut, swelter, therm, thermal, thermic, thermology, thermometer, thermometry, thermostat, vehemence, verb, warm, warmth, zeal

Definitions of ‘flame’ flame (noun) Synonyms: blaze, fire, love, sweetheart Associated words: lambent, flamineous, flammiferous, flammivomous, flambage flame (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary September 10, 2023 September 10, 2023 blaze, fire, flambage, flamineous, flammiferous, flammivomous, lambent, love, noun, sweetheart, verb

Definitions of ‘discharge’ discharge (verb) Synonyms: absolve, acquit, exculpate, release, exonerate, free, dismiss, cashier, remove, excrete, exude, void, eject, emit, […]

Dictionary July 29, 2023 July 29, 2023 abrogate, absolve, acquit, acquittance, annul, blast, burst, cancel, cashier, dismiss, dismissal, eject, ejection, emission, emit, excrete, excretion voiding, exculpate, exonerate, exoneration, expel, exudation, exude, fire, firing, free, fulfill, fulfillment, fusillade, invalidate, liquidate, liquidation, noun, observance, pay, payment evacuation, perform, performance, quietus, quittance, release, remove, rescind, salvo, shoot, verb, void, volley

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