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Definitions of ‘lonely’ lonely (adjective) Synonyms: sequestered, solitary, unfrequented, lonesome, desolate, dreary, lorn

Dictionary December 2, 2023 December 2, 2023 adjective, desolate, dreary, lonesome, lorn, sequestered, solitary, unfrequented

Definitions of ‘lone’ lone (adjective) Synonyms: alone, lonely, isolated, desolate, unfrequented, solitary, sequestered, secluded, lonesome

Dictionary December 2, 2023 December 2, 2023 adjective, alone, desolate, isolated, lonely, lonesome, secluded, sequestered, solitary, unfrequented

Definitions of ‘forlorn’ forlorn (adjective) Synonyms: deserted, forsaken, lorn, disconsolate, lonesome

Dictionary September 18, 2023 September 18, 2023 adjective, deserted, disconsolate, forsaken, lonesome, lorn

Definitions of ‘dreary’ dreary (adjective) Synonyms: dismal, drear, cheerless, lonesome, wearisome, dull

Dictionary August 8, 2023 August 8, 2023 adjective, cheerless, dismal, drear, dull, lonesome, wearisome

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