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Definitions of ‘unknown’ unknown (adjective) Synonyms: [[obscure]], inglorious, unrenowned, [[nameless]], undistinguished, unascertained, unexplored, unapprehended, anonymous

Dictionary June 22, 2024 June 22, 2024 adjective, anonymous, inglorious, nameless, obscure, unapprehended, unascertained, undistinguished, unexplored, unrenowned

Definitions of ‘unhonored’ unhonored (adjective) Synonyms: inglorious, unsung, unrenowned, [[obscure]]

Dictionary June 21, 2024 June 21, 2024 adjective, inglorious, obscure, unrenowned, unsung
Unheard of

Definitions of ‘unheard of’ Synonyms: unprecedented, exceptional, [[unknown]], [[obscure]]

Dictionary June 21, 2024 June 21, 2024 exceptional, obscure, unknown, unprecedented

Definitions of ‘undefined’ undefined (adjective) Synonyms: [[vague]], [[indefinite]], [[obscure]], [[boundless]], limitless

Dictionary June 16, 2024 June 16, 2024 adjective, boundless, indefinite, limitless, obscure, vague

Definitions of ‘shadow’ shadow (noun) Synonyms: [[shade]], [[darkness]], penumbra, adumbration, prefiguration Associated words: sciagraphy, sciomachy, periscian, silhouette, sciomancy shadow (verb) […]

Dictionary April 7, 2024 April 7, 2024 adumbrate, adumbration, cloud, darkness, noun, obscure, penumbra, periscian, prefiguration, sciagraphy, sciomachy, sciomancy, screen, shade, silhouette, symbolize, typify, verb

Definitions of ‘shade’ shade (noun) Synonyms: [[umbrage]], [[shadow]] shade (plural) Synonyms: [[darkness]], [[obscurity]], [[gloom]], shadows, [[retreat]], [[seclusion]], [[screen]], [[protection]], [[curtain]], […]

Dictionary April 7, 2024 April 7, 2024 awning, blind, cloud, curtain, darken, darkness, dim, eclipse, ghost, gloom, manes, minute difference, noun, nuance, obfuscate, obscure, obscurity, phantom, plural, protection, retreat, screen, seclusion, shadow, shadows, specter, spirit, umbrage, variation, verb

Definitions of ‘pale’ pale (adjective) Synonyms: pallid, wan, colorless, ghastly, blanched, cadaverous, etiolate, ashy, dim, faint, indistinct, obscure Antonyms: ruddy, […]

Dictionary January 21, 2024 January 21, 2024 adjective, ashy, blanched, boundary, cadaverous, colorless, confine, dim, etiolate, faint, fence, ghastly, inclosure, indistinct, limit, noun, obscure, pallid, picket, wan

Definitions of ‘nameless’ nameless (adjective) Synonyms: unnamed, undistinguished, inglorious, unknown, obscure, anonymous, unnamable, inexpressible

Dictionary January 1, 2024 January 1, 2024 adjective, anonymous, inexpressible, inglorious, obscure, undistinguished, unknown, unnamable, unnamed

Definitions of ‘mysterious’ mysterious (adjective) Synonyms: inscrutable, cryptic, obscure, unexplainable, enigmatical, unfathomed, unfathomable, abstruse, mystic, inexplicable, recondite, cabalistic, occult, unexplained

Dictionary December 31, 2023 December 31, 2023 abstruse, adjective, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatical, inexplicable, inscrutable, mystic, obscure, occult, recondite, unexplainable, unexplained, unfathomable, unfathomed

Definitions of ‘misty’ misty (adjective) Synonyms: obscure, hazy, foggy, orumous

Dictionary December 24, 2023 December 24, 2023 adjective, foggy, hazy, obscure, orumous

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adjective, foggy, hazy, obscure, orumous
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