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Definitions of ‘roll’ roll (noun) Synonyms: scroll, roster, [[record]], convolution, trundle, [[coil]] roll (verb) Synonyms: wheel, [[whirl]], [[revolve]], [[rotate]], [[turn]], […]

Dictionary March 17, 2024 March 17, 2024 circumgyrate, coil, convolution, convolve, fluctuate, gyrate, infold, inwrap, lurch, noun, record, revolve, rock, roster, rotate, scroll, spin, sway, titubate, trundle, turn, verb, wallow, welter, wheel, whirl

Definitions of ‘register’ register (noun) Synonyms: [[list]], [[roll]], [[schedule]], roster, registrar, [[recorder]] register (verb) Synonyms: [[record]], [[enroll]], matriculate

Dictionary March 3, 2024 March 3, 2024 enroll, list, matriculate, noun, record, recorder, registrar, roll, roster, schedule, verb

Definitions of ‘name’ name (noun) Synonyms: appellation, designation, denomination, epithet, title, cognomen, surname, cognomination, pseudonym, patronymic, metronymic, alias, penname, prænomen, […]

Dictionary January 1, 2024 January 1, 2024 agnomen, alias, allonym, anonym, appellation, appellative, autonym, byname, caconym, call, christen, cognomen, cognomination, compellation, compellative, cryptonym, denominate, denomination, designate, designation, diminutive, dionym, dub, entitle, epithet, eponym, eponymy, euphemism, fame, heteronym, metronymic, misnomer, namesake, née, nickname, nom de guerre, nom de plume, nomancy, nomenclator, nominal, nominally, nominate, nominative, noun, of that ilk, onomasticon, onomatology, orismology, patronomatology, patronymic, penname, polyonym, prænomen, pseudepigraphy, pseudonym, pseudonymity, register, renown, reputation, repute, roster, sobriquet, specify, style, surname, synedoche, term, title, titular, titulary, trionym, verb

Definitions of ‘list’ list (noun) Synonyms: catalogue, roster, schedule, register, selvage, selvedge, listing

Dictionary November 30, 2023 November 30, 2023 catalogue, listing, noun, register, roster, schedule, selvage, selvedge

Definitions of ‘enrollment’ enrollment (noun) Synonyms: registration, matriculation, enlistment, register, record, roster

Dictionary August 19, 2023 August 19, 2023 enlistment, matriculation, noun, record, register, registration, roster

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enlistment, matriculation, noun, record, register, registration, roster
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