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Definitions of ‘rising’ rising (adjective) Synonyms: ascending, ascendant rising (noun) Synonyms: [[ascent]], ascension, [[rise]], levitation, levee, emergence, insurrection, uprising

Dictionary March 16, 2024 March 16, 2024 adjective, ascendant, ascending, ascension, ascent, emergence, insurrection, levee, levitation, noun, rise, uprising

Definitions of ‘revolt’ revolt (noun) Synonyms: [[rebellion]], [[sedition]], uprising, [[mutiny]], insurrection, insubordination, [[insurgency]] revolt (verb) Synonyms: [[rebel]], [[mutiny]], [[disgust]], [[nauseate]], […]

Dictionary March 13, 2024 March 13, 2024 disgust, insubordination, insurgency, insurrection, mutiny, nauseate, noun, offend, rebel, rebellion, sedition, shock, uprising, verb

Definitions of ‘outbreak’ outbreak (noun) Synonyms: eruption, outburst, uprising

Dictionary January 16, 2024 January 16, 2024 eruption, noun, outburst, uprising

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eruption, noun, outburst, uprising
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