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Definitions of ‘justifier’ justifier (noun) Synonyms: justificatior, vindicator, defender

Dictionary November 17, 2023 November 17, 2023 defender, justificatior, noun, vindicator

Definitions of ‘fighter’ fighter (noun) Synonyms: warrior, champion, combatant, vindicator, gladiator, belligerent

Dictionary September 6, 2023 September 6, 2023 belligerent, champion, combatant, gladiator, noun, vindicator, warrior

Definitions of ‘defender’ defender (noun) Synonyms: defendant, vindicator, advocate, champion, pleader, asserter, upholder, guardian

Dictionary July 19, 2023 July 19, 2023 advocate, asserter, champion, defendant, guardian, noun, pleader, upholder, vindicator

Definitions of ‘champion’ champion (noun) Synonyms: defender, vindicator, protector, paladin, winner, hero, conqueror champion (verb) Synonyms: defend, maintain, advocate, vindicate

Dictionary June 10, 2023 June 10, 2023 advocate, conqueror, defend, defender, hero, maintain, noun, paladin, protector, verb, vindicate, vindicator, winner

Definitions of ‘apologizer’ apologizer (noun) Synonyms: apologist, vindicator, defender, advocate

Dictionary April 28, 2023 April 28, 2023 advocate, apologist, defender, noun, vindicator

Definitions of ‘advocate’ advocate (noun) Synonyms: defender, apologist, vindicator, propagandist, upholder, promoter

Dictionary April 20, 2023 April 20, 2023 apologist, defender, noun, promoter, propagandist, upholder, vindicator

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apologist, defender, noun, promoter, propagandist, upholder, vindicator
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