Definitions of ‘knarled’

knarled (adjective)

The term “knarled” is a variant spelling of “gnarled.” It is an adjective used to describe something, typically a surface or object, that is rugged, rough, and twisted, often characterized by irregular and gnarled protrusions or knots. This term is commonly applied to describe the twisted and contorted appearance of tree branches, roots, or other natural formations that exhibit a rough and tangled texture. Additionally, “gnarled” can be used more broadly to characterize anything that appears twisted, knotty, or intricately textured, conveying a sense of age, weathering, or hardship.

Examples of the adjective knarled in a sentence:

  • The old oak tree in the backyard had knarled branches that twisted and turned in every direction, giving it a mysterious and enchanting appearance.
  • As the hiker reached higher elevations, the trail became increasingly challenging, with knarled roots protruding from the forest floor, posing obstacles at every step.
  • The artisan crafted a unique walking stick with a knarled handle, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood’s intricate twists and knots.
  • The ancient book, bound in weathered leather, featured knarled patterns on its cover, hinting at centuries of use and imparting a sense of wisdom.
  • The fisherman’s hands bore the scars of years spent handling rough ropes and tough nets, making them appear knarled and weather-beaten.


knotted, gnarled, knurly, gnarly, knotty, knurled, knarred, twisted


smooth, straight, unblemished, unknotted, unwrinkled, even, sleek, polished

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