Definitions of ‘offscouring’

offscouring (noun)

The noun “offscouring” refers to refuse, waste material, or anything that is considered as the byproduct or leftover residue of a process. In a figurative sense, it can also be used to describe individuals or things that are regarded as undesirable, rejected, or cast aside by society or a particular group. The term is often employed in a derogatory manner to convey a sense of worthlessness or insignificance.

Examples of the noun offscouring in a sentence:

  • The environmentalist expressed concern about the offscouring of pollutants into the river, emphasizing the need for stricter regulations on industrial waste disposal.
  • As the chef meticulously cleaned the kitchen, he made sure to remove every offscouring from the pots and pans to maintain a pristine cooking environment.
  • The archaeologist carefully sifted through the offscouring of soil at the excavation site, hoping to uncover hidden artifacts that could provide insights into ancient civilizations.
  • Residents of the coastal town joined forces to organize a beach cleanup, collecting offscouring like plastic bottles and debris to preserve the natural beauty of their shoreline.
  • The diligent janitor diligently swept away the offscouring of dust and dirt in the hallways, ensuring a spotless and hygienic environment for building occupants.


refuse, scum, offscum, recrement, dross, trash, waste, debris


treasure, gems, assets, valuables, prize, keepers, riches, possessions

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