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Definitions of ‘hospital’ hospital (noun) Synonyms: infirmary, asylum, retreat, sanitarium Associated words: nosocomial, hospitalism

Dictionary October 23, 2023 October 23, 2023 asylum, hospitalism, infirmary, nosocomial, noun, retreat, sanitarium

Definitions of ‘home’ home (noun) Synonyms: domicile, residence, dwelling-place, abode, dwelling, hearth, hearthstone, habitat, seat, asylum, retreat Associated words: domestic, […]

Dictionary October 21, 2023 October 21, 2023 abode, asylum, domestic, domesticate, domestication, domesticity, domicile, dwelling, dwelling-place, habitat, hearth, hearthstone, inhabitativeness, noun, residence, retreat, seat

Definitions of ‘haven’ haven (noun) Synonyms: harbor, port, retreat, asylum, refuge, shelter

Dictionary October 15, 2023 October 15, 2023 asylum, harbor, noun, port, refuge, retreat, shelter

Definitions of ‘harbor’ harbor (noun) Synonyms: refuge, shelter, asylum, retreat, port, haven, destination

Dictionary October 14, 2023 October 14, 2023 asylum, destination, haven, noun, port, refuge, retreat, shelter

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