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Definitions of ‘darken’ darken (verb) Synonyms: shade, obscure, infuscate, shadow, becloud, obfuscate, perplex, confuse, sully, tarnish, discolor

Dictionary July 15, 2023 July 15, 2023 becloud, confuse, discolor, infuscate, obfuscate, obscure, perplex, shade, shadow, sully, tarnish, verb

Definitions of ‘cloud’ cloud (noun) Synonyms: nebulosity, rack, cirrus, cat’s-tail, mare’s-tail, cumulus, stratus, nimbus, cirro-cumulus, cirro-stratus, cumulo-stratus, storm scud, wane […]

Dictionary June 18, 2023 June 18, 2023 becloud, blacken, blemish, cat's-tail, cirro-cumulus, cirro-stratus, cirrus, cumulo-stratus, cumulus, eclipse, mare's-tail, meteorology, nebulosity, nephelodometer, nepheloid, nephelometer, nephograph, nephology, nephoscope, nimbus, noun, nubiferous, obfuscate, obscure, obscurity, overcast, rack, shade, storm scud, stratus, sully, tarnish, verb, wane cloud

Definitions of ‘bedim’ bedim (verb) Synonyms: obscure, becloud, adumbrate, overcast

Dictionary May 13, 2023 May 13, 2023 adumbrate, becloud, obscure, overcast, verb

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adumbrate, becloud, obscure, overcast, verb
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