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Definitions of ‘tire’ tire (verb) Synonyms: [[fatigue]], [[weary]], [[jade]], fag, [[bore]], irk, tucker, [[exhaust]]

Dictionary June 1, 2024 June 1, 2024 bore, exhaust, fag, fatigue, irk, jade, tucker, verb, weary

Definitions of ‘punch’ punch (verb) Synonyms: [[push]], [[poke]], [[pierce]], [[bore]], [[perforate]], [[puncture]]

Dictionary February 17, 2024 February 17, 2024 bore, perforate, pierce, poke, puncture, push, verb

Definitions of ‘poke’ poke (noun) Synonyms: bag, sack, pocket, thrust, punch, jog, dig, dawdler, bore poke (verb) Synonyms: stir up, […]

Dictionary February 9, 2024 February 9, 2024 bag, bore, dawdler, dig, excite, gore, grope, hook, jog, noun, pocket, punch, sack, stir up, thrust, verb

Definitions of ‘pierce’ pierce (verb) Synonyms: transfix, stab, impale, gore, penetrate, bore, perforate, drill

Dictionary February 2, 2024 February 2, 2024 bore, drill, gore, impale, penetrate, perforate, stab, transfix, verb

Definitions of ‘nuisance’ nuisance (noun) Synonyms: plague, pest, bane, infliction, bore, offense

Dictionary January 8, 2024 January 8, 2024 bane, bore, infliction, noun, offense, pest, plague

Definitions of ‘hole’ hole (noun) Synonyms: cavity, excavation, pit, perforation, rent, fissure, opening, aperture, delve, cache, concavity, mortise, puncture, orifice, […]

Dictionary October 20, 2023 October 20, 2023 aperture, auger, awl, bit, bodkin, bore, bung, burrow, cache, cave, cavity, concavity, cover, crevice, delve, den, dibble, drill, excavation, eyelet, eyeleteer, fissure, gap, gimlet, gouge, holt, hovel, imperforable, imperforate, interstice, lair, loophole, manhole, mortise, muse, muset, noun, opening, orifice, perforate, perforation, pierce, pink, pit, plug, pothole, probe, punch, puncheon, puncture, rent, retreat, scupper, scuttle, spigot, spile, spiracle, stylet, vent, wimble

Definitions of ‘gun’ gun (noun) Synonyms: firearm, weapon, rifle, shotgun, blunderbuss, musket, flobert, pistol, revolver, derringer, cannon, swivel gun, matchlock, […]

Dictionary October 10, 2023 October 10, 2023 armorer, armory, arquebus, bayonet, blunderbuss, bore, breech-loader, caliber, cannon, derringer, firearm, flintlock, flobert, gatling gun, gunsmith, gunsmithery, hammer, holster, howitzer, Krupp gun, matchlock, musket, noun, pistol, ramod, revolver, rifle, shotgun, stanchion gun, swivel gun, trigger, weapon, Winchester

Definitions of ‘fatigue’ fatigue (noun) Synonyms: weariness, lassitude, languor, exhaustion fatigue (verb) Synonyms: weary, tire, jade, exhaust, fag, bore

Dictionary September 2, 2023 September 2, 2023 bore, exhaust, exhaustion, fag, jade, languor, lassitude, noun, tire, verb, weariness, weary

Definitions of ‘drill’ drill (verb) Synonyms: perforate, pierce, bore, train, discipline, exercise

Dictionary August 9, 2023 August 9, 2023 bore, discipline, exercise, perforate, pierce, train, verb

Definitions of ‘cannon’ cannon (noun) Associated words: ordnance, cannonade, cannoneer, linstock, calibre, bore, cascabel, breech, reenforce, chase, muzzle, trunnion, rimbase, […]

Dictionary June 4, 2023 June 4, 2023 bore, breech, calibre, cannonade, cannoneer, cascabel, chamber, chase, howitzer, linstock, mortar, muzzle, noun, ordnance, reenforce, rimbase, trunnion

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bore, breech, calibre, cannonade, cannoneer, cascabel, chamber, chase, howitzer, linstock, mortar, muzzle, noun, ordnance, reenforce, rimbase, trunnion
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