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Definitions of ‘strip’ strip (noun) Synonyms: [[shred]], fillet, [[batten]], cleat, [[list]] strip (verb) Synonyms: [[deprive]], divest, [[dispossess]], [[dismantle]], [[plunder]], [[desolate]], […]

Dictionary May 13, 2024 May 13, 2024 batten, cleat, denude, deprive, desolate, despoil, devastate, dismantle, dispossess, disrobe, divest, fillet, fleece, list, noun, pillage, plunder, rifle, sack, shred, uncover, undress, verb

Definitions of ‘spoil’ spoil (verb) Synonyms: [[plunder]], [[rob]], [[pillage]], [[ravage]], depredate, despoil devastate, [[sack]], [[corrupt]], [[vitiate]], [[debase]], [[mar]], [[demoralize]], deprave, […]

Dictionary May 2, 2024 May 2, 2024 addle, booty, contaminate, corrupt, corruption, damage, debase, decay, deface, defile, demoralize, deprave, depredate, despoil devastate, devastation, disfigure, gain, infect, loot, mar, noun, pillage, plunder, prize, putrefy, rapine, ravage, rob, robbery, rot, sack, sacking, sophisticate, spoliation, verb, vitiate, vitiation, waste

Definitions of ‘robbery’ robbery (noun) Synonyms: larceny, [[burglary]], [[theft]], plundering, [[piracy]], [[peculation]], [[depredation]], brigandage, buccaneering, despoliation, [[loot]], [[sack]]

Dictionary March 17, 2024 March 17, 2024 brigandage, buccaneering, burglary, depredation, despoliation, larceny, loot, noun, peculation, piracy, plundering, sack, theft

Definitions of ‘rob’ rob (verb) Synonyms: [[plunder]], [[pillage]], [[fleece]], despoil, [[rifle]], [[sack]], spoliate, [[loot]], forage

Dictionary March 16, 2024 March 16, 2024 despoil, fleece, forage, loot, pillage, plunder, rifle, sack, spoliate, verb

Definitions of ‘ravage’ ravage (verb) Synonyms: [[plunder]], [[pillage]], [[devastate]], [[sack]], [[desolate]], despoil ravage (noun) Synonyms: [[plunder]], [[pillage]], [[devastation]], spoliation, [[sack]], […]

Dictionary February 26, 2024 February 26, 2024 desolate, despoil, despoliation, devastate, devastation, noun, pillage, plunder, rapine, sack, spoliation, verb

Definitions of ‘rapine’ rapine (noun) Synonyms: plundering, [[sack]], [[pillage]], spoliation, [[depredation]]

Dictionary February 25, 2024 February 25, 2024 depredation, noun, pillage, plundering, sack, spoliation

Definitions of ‘pouch’ pouch (noun) Synonyms: bag, sack, paunch, marsupium

Dictionary February 11, 2024 February 11, 2024 bag, marsupium, noun, paunch, sack

Definitions of ‘poke’ poke (noun) Synonyms: bag, sack, pocket, thrust, punch, jog, dig, dawdler, bore poke (verb) Synonyms: stir up, […]

Dictionary February 9, 2024 February 9, 2024 bag, bore, dawdler, dig, excite, gore, grope, hook, jog, noun, pocket, punch, sack, stir up, thrust, verb

Definitions of ‘pocket’ pocket (noun) Synonyms: bag, sack, pouch, placket, sabretasche

Dictionary February 8, 2024 February 8, 2024 bag, noun, placket, pouch, sabretasche, sack

Definitions of ‘pillage’ pillage (noun) Synonyms: devastation, plundering, rapine, spoliation, spoil, plunder, booty, loot pillage (verb) Synonyms: sack, plunder, despoil, […]

Dictionary February 3, 2024 February 3, 2024 booty, despoil, devastate, devastation, foray, loot, noun, plunder, plundering, rapine, sack, spoil, spoliation, verb

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booty, despoil, devastate, devastation, foray, loot, noun, plunder, plundering, rapine, sack, spoil, spoliation, verb
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