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Definitions of ‘saunter’ saunter (verb) Synonyms: [[loiter]], [[linger]], straggle, [[lounge]], [[stroll]], [[delay]], dawdle, [[lag]]

Dictionary March 25, 2024 March 25, 2024 dawdle, delay, lag, linger, loiter, lounge, straggle, stroll, verb

Definitions of ‘putter’ putter (verb) Synonyms: [[potter]], [[pother]], [[trifle]], fribble, [[dally]], dawdle

Dictionary February 19, 2024 February 19, 2024 dally, dawdle, fribble, pother, potter, trifle, verb

Definitions of ‘fool’ fool (noun) Synonyms: idiot, imbecile, natural, simpleton, dolt, dunce, defective, witling, dotterel, driveler, blockhead, beetlehead, ninny, ignoramus, […]

Dictionary September 15, 2023 September 15, 2023 ass, beetlehead, beguile, blockhead, booby, buffoon, clodpate, clown, coot, cully, dawdle, deceive, defective, delude, dolt, dotterel, driveler, droll, dullard, dunce, dunderhead, dupe, gull, halfwit, harlequin, hoax, hoodwink, idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, jester, merry-andrew, mooncalf, natural, nincompoop, ninny, noun, numskull, oaf, scaramouch, simpleton, stultification, stultify, toy, trick, trifle, verb, victimize, wiseacre, witling, zany

Definitions of ‘dillydally’ dillydally (verb) Synonyms: dawdle, dally, fritter, trifle, loiter

Dictionary July 27, 2023 July 27, 2023 dally, dawdle, fritter, loiter, trifle, verb

Definitions of ‘delay’ delay (noun) Synonyms: deferring, deferment, procrastination, postponement, respite, reprieve, retardation, retention, obstruction, dawdling, lingering, dalliance Antonyms: dispatch, […]

Dictionary July 20, 2023 July 20, 2023 dalliance, dally, dawdle, dawdling, defer, deferment, deferring, hinder, impede, linger, lingering, noun, obstruct, obstruction, postpone, postponement, procrastinate, procrastination, reprieve, respite, retard, retardation, retention, suspend, tarry, verb

Definitions of ‘dally’ dally (verb) Synonyms: dawdle, trifle, fondle, wanton, delay, postpone, procrastinate

Dictionary July 14, 2023 July 14, 2023 dawdle, delay, fondle, postpone, procrastinate, trifle, verb, wanton

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dawdle, delay, fondle, postpone, procrastinate, trifle, verb, wanton
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