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Definitions of ‘simpleton’ simpleton (noun) Synonyms: dolt, [[dunce]], numskull, lackbrain, oaf, witling, [[fool]]

Dictionary April 15, 2024 April 15, 2024 dolt, dunce, fool, lackbrain, noun, numskull, oaf, witling

Definitions of ‘jackass’ jackass (noun) Synonyms: donkey, dolt, simpleton, witling, ignoramus, fool

Dictionary November 13, 2023 November 13, 2023 dolt, donkey, fool, ignoramus, noun, simpleton, witling

Definitions of ‘fool’ fool (noun) Synonyms: idiot, imbecile, natural, simpleton, dolt, dunce, defective, witling, dotterel, driveler, blockhead, beetlehead, ninny, ignoramus, […]

Dictionary September 15, 2023 September 15, 2023 ass, beetlehead, beguile, blockhead, booby, buffoon, clodpate, clown, coot, cully, dawdle, deceive, defective, delude, dolt, dotterel, driveler, droll, dullard, dunce, dunderhead, dupe, gull, halfwit, harlequin, hoax, hoodwink, idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, jester, merry-andrew, mooncalf, natural, nincompoop, ninny, noun, numskull, oaf, scaramouch, simpleton, stultification, stultify, toy, trick, trifle, verb, victimize, wiseacre, witling, zany

Definitions of ‘dunce’ dunce (noun) Synonyms: dullard, dolt, numskull, witling, blockhead, coot, lackbrain, ninny, oaf, nincompoop, mooncalf, ignoramus, booby, simpleton

Dictionary August 12, 2023 August 12, 2023 blockhead, booby, coot, dolt, dullard, ignoramus, lackbrain, mooncalf, nincompoop, ninny, noun, numskull, oaf, simpleton, witling

Definitions of ‘booby’ booby (noun) Synonyms: dolt, dunce, simpleton, numskull, coot, ninny, dullard, witling

Dictionary May 24, 2023 May 24, 2023 coot, dolt, dullard, dunce, ninny, noun, numskull, simpleton, witling

Definitions of ‘blockhead’ blockhead (noun) Synonyms: dolt, dunce, simpleton, ninny, numskull

Dictionary May 21, 2023 May 21, 2023 dolt, dunce, ninny, noun, numskull, simpleton

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dolt, dunce, ninny, noun, numskull, simpleton
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