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Definitions of ‘significance’ significance (noun) Synonyms: [[meaning]], import, [[consequence]], [[importance]], [[force]]

Dictionary April 14, 2024 April 14, 2024 consequence, force, import, importance, meaning, noun

Definitions of ‘sequence’ sequence (noun) Synonyms: [[succession]], series, [[following]], [[result]], [[sequel]], [[consequence]]

Dictionary April 5, 2024 April 5, 2024 consequence, following, noun, result, sequel, series, succession

Definitions of ‘sequel’ sequel (noun) Synonyms: [[continuation]], [[conclusion]], [[consequence]], [[result]], [[outcome]]

Dictionary April 5, 2024 April 5, 2024 conclusion, consequence, continuation, noun, outcome, result

Definitions of ‘result’ result (verb) Synonyms: terminate, [[end]], eventuate, [[redound]], [[issue]], accrue, ensue result (noun) Synonyms: [[consequence]], [[effect]], [[issue]], [[event]], […]

Dictionary March 11, 2024 March 11, 2024 accrue, consequence, decision, effect, end, ensue, event, eventuate, eventuation, issue, noun, outcome, redound, resolve, sequence, terminate, verb

Definitions of ‘outcome’ outcome (noun) Synonyms: consequence, outgrowth, result, issue, upshot, eventuation

Dictionary January 16, 2024 January 16, 2024 consequence, eventuation, issue, noun, outgrowth, result, upshot

Definitions of ‘moment’ moment (noun) Synonyms: instant, minute, jiffy, trice, force, momentum, impetus, importance, materiality, weight, consequence

Dictionary December 26, 2023 December 26, 2023 consequence, force, impetus, importance, instant, jiffy, materiality, minute, momentum, noun, trice, weight

Definitions of ‘matter’ matter (noun) Synonyms: substance, material, body, essence, pith, embodiment, elements, importance, significance, moment, consequence, weight, materiality, pus, […]

Dictionary December 14, 2023 December 14, 2023 atom, be of importance, body, chemistry, consequence, copy, elements, embodiment, essence, hylism, hylogenesis, hylopathism, hylotheism, immaterial, immateriality, import, importance, manuscript, material, materialism, materiality, maturate, molecule, moment, noun, physics, pith, purulence, pus, significance, signify, somatics, somatology, substance, suppurate, verb, weight

Definitions of ‘importance’ importance (noun) Synonyms: moment, materiality, consequence, pomposity, self-importance

Dictionary October 30, 2023 October 30, 2023 consequence, materiality, moment, noun, pomposity, self-importance

Definitions of ‘fruit’ fruit (noun) Synonyms: produce, harvest, crop, offspring, consequence, result, outcome, fruitage fruit (noun) Synonyms: fruitage, fruitery Associated […]

Dictionary September 24, 2023 September 24, 2023 bletting, carpologist, carpology, carpomania, carpophagous, consequence, crop, drupe, fructiferous, fructification, fructify, fruitage, fruitchafer, fruitery, harvest, noun, nursery, offspring, orchard, outcome, pepinnery, pomiculture, pomologist, pomology, Pomona, produce, pulp, raceme, result, rind, sarcocarp

Definitions of ‘event’ event (noun) Synonyms: occurrence, affair, incident, happening, consequence, result, outcome

Dictionary August 23, 2023 August 23, 2023 affair, consequence, happening, incident, noun, occurrence, outcome, result

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affair, consequence, happening, incident, noun, occurrence, outcome, result
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