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Definitions of ‘particular’ particular (adjective) Synonyms: special, especial, specific, minute, precise, detailed, circumstantial, individual, separate, sole, single, characteristic, distinctive, individual, […]

Dictionary January 23, 2024 January 23, 2024 adjective, characteristic, circumstantial, detail, detailed, distinctive, especial, fastidious, finical, individual, minute, noun, peculiar, personal, precise, scrupulous, separate, single, sole, special, specific, strict

Definitions of ‘note’ note (noun) Synonyms: billet, memorandum, minute, record, remark, comment, annotation, commentary, scholium, gloss, mark, token, sign, feature, […]

Dictionary January 7, 2024 January 7, 2024 annotate, annotation, billet, celebrity, comment, commentary, distinction, fame, feature, gloss, jot down, mark, memorandum, minute, notice, noun, observation, peculiarity, postillate, record, remark, renown, reputation, repute, scholium, See notice, sign, token, verb

Definitions of ‘moment’ moment (noun) Synonyms: instant, minute, jiffy, trice, force, momentum, impetus, importance, materiality, weight, consequence

Dictionary December 26, 2023 December 26, 2023 consequence, force, impetus, importance, instant, jiffy, materiality, minute, momentum, noun, trice, weight

Definitions of ‘memorandum’ memorandum (noun) Synonyms: record, minute, note

Dictionary December 18, 2023 December 18, 2023 minute, note, noun, record

Definitions of ‘little’ little (adjective) Synonyms: small, diminutive, minute, tiny, wee, puny, dwarfish, insignificant, infinitesimal See small little (noun) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary November 30, 2023 November 30, 2023 adjective, diminutive, dwarfish, infinitesimal, insignificant, miniature, minute, modicum, noun, puny, small, tiny, wee

Definitions of ‘fine’ fine (noun) Synonyms: amercement, mulet, penalty fine (verb) Synonyms mulet, amerce fine (adjective) Synonyms: refined, nice, exquisite, […]

Dictionary September 7, 2023 September 7, 2023 adjective, admirable, amerce, amercement, attenuated, attractive, bolted, capillary, choice, comminuted, delicate, elegant, ethereal, excellent, exquisite, filmy, flimsy, gossamery, impalpable, minute, mulet, nice, noun, penalty, powdered, pulverized, recherché, refined, select, slender, splendid, subtile, subtle, tenuous, thin, verb

Definitions of ‘entry’ entry (noun) Synonyms: entrance, access, hall, vestibule, memorandum, minute, record

Dictionary August 20, 2023 August 20, 2023 access, entrance, hall, memorandum, minute, noun, record, vestibule

Definitions of ‘delicate’ delicate (adjective) Synonyms: graceful, fine, exquisite, minute, slender, refined, sensitive, fastidious, dainty, critical, ticklish Antonyms: See indelicate

Dictionary July 21, 2023 July 21, 2023 adjective, critical, dainty, exquisite, fastidious, fine, graceful, minute, refined, sensitive, slender, ticklish

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adjective, critical, dainty, exquisite, fastidious, fine, graceful, minute, refined, sensitive, slender, ticklish
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