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Definitions of ‘ungenerous’ ungenerous (adjective) Synonyms: [[illiberal]], [[narrow]], [[sordid]], [[uncharitable]], [[stingy]]

Dictionary June 20, 2024 June 20, 2024 adjective, illiberal, narrow, sordid, stingy, uncharitable

Definitions of ‘uncharitable’ uncharitable (adjective) Synonyms: [[illiberal]], [[intolerant]], [[ungenerous]], [[bigoted]], [[censorious]]

Dictionary June 14, 2024 June 14, 2024 adjective, bigoted, censorious, illiberal, intolerant, ungenerous

Definitions of ‘stingy’ stingy (adjective) Synonyms: parsimonious, [[illiberal]], [[close]], [[penurious]], [[miserly]], [[avaricious]], close-fisted, [[sordid]], niggardly Antonyms: [[liberal]], [[generous]]

Dictionary May 9, 2024 May 9, 2024 adjective, avaricious, close, close-fisted, illiberal, miserly, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, sordid

Definitions of ‘small’ small (adjective) Synonyms: [[little]], [[minute]], diminutive, [[petty]], [[slight]], inconsiderable, [[puny]], tiny, weazened, [[undeveloped]], [[dwarfish]], runty, wee, [[stunted]], […]

Dictionary April 21, 2024 April 21, 2024 adjective, atomic, atrophied, contracted, corpuscular, diminutive, dwarfish, feeble, fine, frivolous, homeopathic, illiberal, inappreciable, inconsiderable, infinitesimal, insignificant, limited, little, mean, microscopic, miniature, minute, molecular, narrow-minded, petty, piping, puny, runty, short, slight, sordid, stunted, tiny, trifling, trivial, undersized, undeveloped, ungenerous, weak, weazened, wee

Definitions of ‘selfish’ selfish (adjective) Synonyms: [[ungenerous]], [[narrow]], [[illiberal]], [[uncharitable]]

Dictionary April 3, 2024 April 3, 2024 adjective, illiberal, narrow, uncharitable, ungenerous

Definitions of ‘scanty’ scanty (adjective) Synonyms: [[insufficient]], [[inadequate]], [[meager]], [[sparing]], [[illiberal]], niggardly

Dictionary March 27, 2024 March 27, 2024 adjective, illiberal, inadequate, insufficient, meager, niggardly, sparing

Definitions of ‘narrow-minded’ narrow-minded (adjective) Synonyms: illiberal, bigoted, intolerant, narrow, uncatholic

Dictionary January 1, 2024 January 1, 2024 adjective, bigoted, illiberal, intolerant, narrow, uncatholic

Definitions of ‘narrow’ narrow (adjective) Synonyms: limited, circumscribed, incapacious, contracted, straitened, cramped, bigoted, illiberal, uncatholic, narrow-minded, insular narrow (verb) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary January 1, 2024 January 1, 2024 adjective, bigoted, circumscribed, confine, constrict, contract, contracted, cramp, cramped, illiberal, incapacious, insular, limit, limited, narrow-minded, reduce, restrict, straitened, uncatholic, verb

Definitions of ‘mean’ mean (verb) Synonyms: intend, purpose, design, contemplate, signify, purport, denote, betoken, imply, typify, indicate mean (adjective) Synonyms: […]

Dictionary December 15, 2023 December 15, 2023 abject, adjective, average, base, betoken, contemplate, contemptible, denote, design, despicable, dishonorable, disingenuous, frivolous, groveling, ignoble, illiberal, imply, inconsequential, indicate, inferior, inglorious, insignificant, intend, intermediate, intervening, low-minded, mediate, mediocre, medium, menial, mercenary parsimonious, middle, midway, miserly, moderate, noun, obscure, paltry, penurious, piddling, plebeian, poor, purport, purpose, scurvy, servile, shabby, signify, sordid, stingy, typify, unbecoming, undignified, undistinguished, ungenerous, verb, vulgar

Definitions of ‘intolerant’ intolerant (adjective) Synonyms: bigoted, unforbearing, illiberal

Dictionary November 10, 2023 November 10, 2023 adjective, bigoted, illiberal, unforbearing

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