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Definitions of ‘privation’ privation (noun) Synonyms: deprivation, degradation, destitution, poverty, need, absence

Dictionary February 14, 2024 February 14, 2024 absence, degradation, deprivation, destitution, need, noun, poverty

Definitions of ‘humiliation’ humiliation (noun) Synonyms: abasement, mortification, degradation, ignominy, humbleness, meekness

Dictionary October 24, 2023 October 24, 2023 abasement, degradation, humbleness, ignominy, meekness, mortification, noun

Definitions of ‘disgrace’ disgrace (noun) Synonyms: reproach, discredit, dishonor, shame, infamy, degradation, disrepute, ignominy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, scandal, debasement, abasement […]

Dictionary July 30, 2023 July 30, 2023 abase, abasement, debase, debasement, degradation, degrade, discredit, dishonor, disrepute, humiliate, ignominy, infamy, noun, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, reproach, scandal, shame, sully, tarnish, verb

Definitions of ‘debasement’ debasement (noun) Synonyms: degradation, abasement, deterioration, vitiation, depravation

Dictionary July 17, 2023 July 17, 2023 abasement, degradation, depravation, deterioration, noun, vitiation

Definitions of ‘abasement’ abasement (noun) Synonyms: humiliation, reduction, dishonor, degradation, ignominy

Dictionary April 12, 2023 April 12, 2023 degradation, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy, noun, reduction

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degradation, dishonor, humiliation, ignominy, noun, reduction
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