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Definitions of ‘straiten’ straiten (verb) Synonyms: [[limit]], [[restrict]], [[narrow]], [[confine]], constrain, [[tighten]], [[embarrass]]

Dictionary May 11, 2024 May 11, 2024 confine, constrain, embarrass, limit, narrow, restrict, tighten, verb

Definitions of ‘nonplus’ nonplus (verb) Synonyms: perplex, puzzle, disconcert, confuse, embarrass, mystify, bewilder

Dictionary January 6, 2024 January 6, 2024 bewilder, confuse, disconcert, embarrass, mystify, perplex, puzzle, verb

Definitions of ‘mortify’ mortify (verb) Synonyms: gangrene, chagrin, embarrass, abase, repress, deny, restrain

Dictionary December 28, 2023 December 28, 2023 abase, chagrin, deny, embarrass, gangrene, repress, restrain, verb

Definitions of ‘hamper’ hamper (verb) Synonyms: fetter, shackle, impede, restrain, hinder, encumber, embarrass hamper (noun) Synonyms: hanaper, shackle, fetter, restraint, […]

Dictionary October 12, 2023 October 12, 2023 embarrass, encumber, fetter, hanaper, hinder, impede, impediment, noun, restrain, restraint, shackle, verb

Definitions of ‘fluster’ fluster (verb) Synonyms: perturb, discompose, confuse, disconcert, embarrass, agitate fluster (noun) Synonyms: perturbation, discompose, confusion, agitation

Dictionary September 13, 2023 September 13, 2023 agitate, agitation, confuse, confusion, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, noun, perturb, perturbation, verb

Definitions of ‘floor’ floor (verb) Synonyms: prostrate, fell, overthrow, embarrass, nonplus floor (noun) Synonyms: planching, pavement, story, loft

Dictionary September 12, 2023 September 12, 2023 embarrass, fell, loft, nonplus, noun, overthrow, pavement, planching, prostrate, story, verb

Definitions of ‘confuse’ confuse (verb) Synonyms: disconcert, perplex, abash, fluster, embarrass, chagrin, pose, nonplus, bewilder, obfuscate, discompose, addle, obscure, confound, […]

Dictionary June 27, 2023 June 27, 2023 abash, addle, bewilder, chagrin, confound, derange, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, fluster, nonplus, obfuscate, obscure, perplex, pose, verb

Definitions of ‘bewilder’ bewilder (verb) Synonyms: confuse, perplex, nonplus, obfuscate, confound, mystify, embarrass

Dictionary May 16, 2023 May 16, 2023 confound, confuse, embarrass, mystify, nonplus, obfuscate, perplex, verb

Definitions of ‘abash’ abash (verb) Synonyms: disconcert, confuse, discomfit, discompose, chagrin, mortify, embarrass

Dictionary April 12, 2023 April 12, 2023 chagrin, confuse, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, mortify, verb

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chagrin, confuse, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, mortify, verb
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