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Take in

Definitions of ‘take in’ Synonyms: [[comprise]], encompass, [[comprehend]], [[include]], embrace

Dictionary May 22, 2024 May 22, 2024 comprehend, comprise, embrace, encompass, include

Definitions of ‘surround’ surround (verb) Synonyms: enclose, [[encircle]], encompass, environ, [[hem in]], corral, invest, intrench

Dictionary May 19, 2024 May 19, 2024 corral, encircle, enclose, encompass, environ, hem in, intrench, invest, verb

Definitions of ‘inclose’ inclose (verb) Synonyms: surround, encircle, circumscribe, encompass, enclose

Dictionary November 1, 2023 November 1, 2023 circumscribe, encircle, enclose, encompass, surround, verb
Hem in

Definitions of ‘hem in’ Synonyms: environ, surround, encompass, beset, hedge in

Dictionary October 18, 2023 October 18, 2023 beset, encompass, environ, hedge in, surround

Definitions of ‘envelop’ envelop (verb) Synonyms: surround, inwrap, inclose, encircle, encompass, environ

Dictionary August 20, 2023 August 20, 2023 encircle, encompass, environ, inclose, inwrap, surround, verb

Definitions of ‘encircle’ encircle (verb) Synonyms: environ, encompass, surround, gird, circumscribe, enfold

Dictionary August 17, 2023 August 17, 2023 circumscribe, encompass, enfold, environ, gird, surround, verb

Definitions of ‘close’ close (adjective) Synonyms: oppressive, uncomfortable, muggy, unventilated, narrow, cramped, close-mouthed, secretive, reticent, reserved, uncommunicative, taciturn, dense, solid, […]

Dictionary June 17, 2023 June 17, 2023 adjacent, adjective, adjoining, area, assiduous, calk, clinch, close-fisted, close-mouthed, compact, conclude, conclusion, confidential, confine, court, cramped, dense, enclosure, encompass, end, environ, exact, faithful, finish, fixed, grapple, illiberal, imporous, inclose, inclosure, intense, intent, intimate, literal, lute, miserly, muggy, narrow, near, noun, occlude, oppressive, parsimonious, penurious niggardly, peroration, reserved, reticent, secretive, shut, solid, stingy, stop, taciturn, terminate, uncomfortable, uncommunicative, unventilated, verb, yard

Definitions of ‘besiege’ besiege (verb) Synonyms: obsess, environ, beset, beleaguer, encompass

Dictionary May 16, 2023 May 16, 2023 beleaguer, beset, encompass, environ, obsess, verb

Definitions of ‘beset’ beset (verb) Synonyms: besiege, obsess, beleaguer, environ, encompass, perplex, harass

Dictionary May 16, 2023 May 16, 2023 beleaguer, besiege, encompass, environ, harass, obsess, perplex, verb

Definitions of ‘belt’ belt (noun) Synonyms: girdle, girth, surcingle, cincture, cestus, zone, bandolier belt (verb) Synonyms: encircle, begird, encompass, surround

Dictionary May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023 bandolier, begird, cestus, cincture, encircle, encompass, girdle, girth, noun, surcingle, surround, verb, zone

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bandolier, begird, cestus, cincture, encircle, encompass, girdle, girth, noun, surcingle, surround, verb, zone
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