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Definitions of ‘limit’ limit (noun) Synonyms: bound, boundary, confine, extent, restriction, check, restraint, limitation limit (verb) Synonyms: restrict, circumscribe, define, […]

Dictionary November 30, 2023 November 30, 2023 bound, boundary, check, circumscribe, confine, define, extent, limitation, noun, restraint, restrict, restriction, verb

Definitions of ‘latitude’ latitude (noun) Synonyms: breadth, width, room, range, scope, extent, freedom, laxity

Dictionary November 23, 2023 November 23, 2023 breadth, extent, freedom, laxity, noun, range, room, scope, width

Definitions of ‘depth’ depth (noun) Synonyms: profundity, extent, measure, intensity, deep, abyss, astuteness, shrewdness, acumen, discernment Associated words: bathometer, bathymetry, […]

Dictionary July 22, 2023 July 22, 2023 abyss, acumen, astuteness, bathometer, bathymetric, bathymetry, deep, discernment, extent, intensity, measure, noun, profundity, shrewdness

Definitions of ‘compass’ compass (noun) Associated words: binnacle, gimbal compass (noun) Synonyms: extent, reach, sweep

Dictionary June 24, 2023 June 24, 2023 binnacle, extent, gimbal, noun, reach, sweep

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