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Definitions of ‘sphere’ sphere (noun) Synonyms: [[globe]], orb, ball, province, circuit, [[beat]], purview, [[compass]], [[circle]], [[station]], [[position]], [[rank]], [[region]], [[domain]], […]

Dictionary April 30, 2024 April 30, 2024 ball, beat, circle, circuit, compass, domain, globe, noun, orb, orbit, position, province, purview, rank, realm, region, station

Definitions of ‘scope’ scope (noun) Synonyms: [[design]], [[purpose]], opportunity, space, [[room]], [[liberty]], [[extent]], [[compass]], purview

Dictionary March 28, 2024 March 28, 2024 compass, design, extent, liberty, noun, opportunity, purpose, purview, room, space

Definitions of ‘room’ room (noun) Synonyms: space, [[compass]], [[range]], [[scope]], [[latitude]], apartment, chamber, compartment Associated words: [[suite]]

Dictionary March 17, 2024 March 17, 2024 apartment, chamber, compartment, compass, latitude, noun, range, scope, space, suite

Definitions of ‘range’ range (verb) Synonyms: [[arrange]], [[rank]], [[class]], classify, [[rove]], [[roam]], [[ramble]], [[correspond]] range (noun) Synonyms: [[extent]], [[reach]], sweep, […]

Dictionary February 25, 2024 February 25, 2024 arrange, class, classify, compass, correspond, extent, kind, latitude, noun, order, ramble, rank, reach, register, roam, rove, scope, series, sweep, verb

Definitions of ‘extent’ extent (noun) Synonyms: magnitude, size, volume, reach, compass

Dictionary August 27, 2023 August 27, 2023 compass, magnitude, noun, reach, size, volume

Definitions of ‘effect’ effect (noun) Synonyms: result, outcome, consequence, issue, validity, force, weight, execution, performance, realization, meaning, tenor, purport, intent, […]

Dictionary August 15, 2023 August 15, 2023 accomplish, achieve, compass, consequence, consummate, effectuate, ensemble, execution, force, intent, issue, meaning, noun, outcome, performance, purport, realization, realize, result, tenor, validity, verb, weight

Definitions of ‘attain’ attain (verb) Synonyms: achieve, compass, gain

Dictionary May 4, 2023 May 4, 2023 achieve, compass, gain, verb

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achieve, compass, gain, verb
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