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Definitions of ‘push’ push (verb) Synonyms: shove, impel push (noun) Synonyms: shove

Dictionary February 18, 2024 February 18, 2024 impel, noun, shove, verb

Definitions of ‘move’ move (verb) Synonyms: transfer, migrate, immigrate, emigrate, remove, impel, propel, actuate, influence, budge, stir

Dictionary December 29, 2023 December 29, 2023 actuate, budge, emigrate, immigrate, impel, influence, migrate, propel, remove, stir, transfer, verb

Definitions of ‘lead’ lead (verb) Synonyms: guide, conduct, escort, direct, precede, induce, entice, influence, allure, persuade, actuate, impel, conduce, contribute, […]

Dictionary November 25, 2023 November 25, 2023 actuate, allure, command, conduce, conduct, contribute, direct, entice, escort, guidance, guide, have charge of, have precedence, head, impel, induce, influence, initiative, noun, persuade, precede, precedence, tend, verb

Definitions of ‘influence’ influence (noun) Synonyms: sway, control, persuasion, restraint, authority, ascendency, prestige influence (verb) Synonyms: move, persuade, induce, sway, […]

Dictionary November 5, 2023 November 5, 2023 actuate, ascendency, authority, control, impel, induce, move, noun, persuade, persuasion, prestige, prevail upon, restraint, sway, verb

Definitions of ‘incite’ incite (verb) Synonyms: instigate, stimulate, arouse, goad, spur, impel

Dictionary October 31, 2023 October 31, 2023 arouse, goad, impel, instigate, spur, stimulate, verb

Definitions of ‘hurry’ hurry (noun) Synonyms: haste, speed, dispatch, expedition, precipitancy, celerity hurry (verb) Synonyms: hasten, impel, expedite, accelerate, speed, […]

Dictionary October 25, 2023 October 25, 2023 accelerate, celerity, dispatch, expedite, expedition, haste, hasten, impel, noun, precipitancy, precipitate, speed, verb

Definitions of ‘force’ force (verb) Synonyms: compel, coerce, necessitate, constrain, oblige, make, impel, obtrude, extort, wrest, capture, storm, rape, ravish […]

Dictionary September 16, 2023 September 16, 2023 armament, army, battalion, brunt, capture, coerce, coercion, cogency, compel, compulsion, constrain, constraint, dynamic, dynamics, dyne, efficacy, efficiency, energy, extort, impel, impetus, kinit, legion, make, mechanics, might, necessitate, noun, oblige, obtrude, perforce, phalanx, potency, power, rape, ravish, statics, storm, strength, tension, troops, validity, verb, vigor, violence, wrest

Definitions of ‘drive’ drive (verb) Synonyms: impel, force, compel, press, propel, send, rush, press, conduct, carry on

Dictionary August 9, 2023 August 9, 2023 carry on, compel, conduct, force, impel, press, propel, rush, send, verb

Definitions of ‘cast’ cast (verb) Synonyms: fling, hurl, throw, impel, pitch, sling, direct, turn, drop, deposit, place, exuviate, shed, molt, […]

Dictionary June 6, 2023 June 6, 2023 add, compute, deposit, direct, Discard, drop, ejection, enumerate, exuviæ, exuviate, fling, hurl, impel, molt, noun, pitch, place, reckon, reflect, secretion, shed, sling, throw, turn, verb

Definitions of ‘actuate’ actuate (verb) Synonyms: instigate, impel, incite

Dictionary April 17, 2023 April 17, 2023 impel, incite, instigate, verb

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impel, incite, instigate, verb
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