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Definitions of ‘seduce’ seduce (verb) Synonyms: [[entice]], [[tempt]], [[betray]], [[allure]]

Dictionary April 2, 2024 April 2, 2024 allure, betray, entice, tempt, verb

Definitions of ‘lure’ lure (noun) Synonyms: decoy, enticement, bait lure (verb) Synonyms: entice, tempt, seduce, allure, decoy

Dictionary December 6, 2023 December 6, 2023 allure, bait, decoy, entice, enticement, noun, seduce, tempt, verb

Definitions of ‘lead’ lead (verb) Synonyms: guide, conduct, escort, direct, precede, induce, entice, influence, allure, persuade, actuate, impel, conduce, contribute, […]

Dictionary November 25, 2023 November 25, 2023 actuate, allure, command, conduce, conduct, contribute, direct, entice, escort, guidance, guide, have charge of, have precedence, head, impel, induce, influence, initiative, noun, persuade, precede, precedence, tend, verb

Definitions of ‘invite’ invite (verb) Synonyms: bid, ask, summon, allure, induce, entice

Dictionary November 11, 2023 November 11, 2023 allure, ask, bid, entice, induce, summon, verb

Definitions of ‘entrap’ entrap (verb) Synonyms: insnare, entangle, decoy, entrammel, entice

Dictionary August 20, 2023 August 20, 2023 decoy, entangle, entice, entrammel, insnare, verb

Definitions of ‘draw’ draw (verb) Synonyms: haul, drag, tug, tow, attract, entice, allure, lure, induce, tempt, extract, educe, unsheathe, deduce, […]

Dictionary August 8, 2023 August 8, 2023 allure, attract, conclude, contract, deduce, delineate, depict, derive, disembowel, drag, draught, educe, entice, eviscerate, extract, haul, induce, infer, influence, limn, lure, shrink, sketch, tempt, tow, trace, tug, unsheathe, verb, win

Definitions of ‘decoy’ decoy (verb) Synonyms: entice, lure, allure, ensnare, entrap decoy (noun) Synonyms: lure, enticement, magnet, allurement

Dictionary July 18, 2023 July 18, 2023 allure, allurement, ensnare, entice, enticement, entrap, lure, magnet, noun, verb

Definitions of ‘coax’ coax (verb) Synonyms: wheedle, cajole, persuade, entice, cog, tweedle

Dictionary June 19, 2023 June 19, 2023 cajole, cog, entice, persuade, tweedle, verb, wheedle

Definitions of ‘attract’ attract (verb) Synonyms: allure, entice, draw, decoy, interest, engage, induce Antonyms: repel, repulse, alienate, deter

Dictionary May 5, 2023 May 5, 2023 allure, decoy, draw, engage, entice, induce, interest, verb

Definitions of ‘allure’ allure (verb) Synonyms: entice, lure, tempt, decoy, seduce, tweedle

Dictionary April 24, 2023 April 24, 2023 decoy, entice, lure, seduce, tempt, tweedle, verb

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decoy, entice, lure, seduce, tempt, tweedle, verb
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