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Definitions of ‘portray’ portray (verb) Synonyms: delineate, depict, picture, draw, sketch, paint, describe

Dictionary February 10, 2024 February 10, 2024 delineate, depict, describe, draw, paint, picture, sketch, verb

Definitions of ‘picture’ picture (verb) Synonyms: delineate, sketch, draw, represent, depict picture (noun) Synonyms: drawing, painting, engraving, half-tone, photograph, print, […]

Dictionary February 2, 2024 February 2, 2024 ambrotype, aquarelle, aristotype, cabinet, caricature, carte-de-visite, cartoon, chromo, chromolithograph, chromotype, chrysotype, cut, cyclorama, daguerreotype, decalcomania, delineate, depict, diaphanotype, diorama, draught, draw, drawing, engraving, etching, half-tone, heliograph, heliotype, icon, illustration, inconograph, landscape, likeness, lithograph, lithotint, mezzotint, minette, miniature, mosaic, negative, noun, oleograph, painting, panorama, pastel, pasticcio, photoengraving, photograph, photogravure, portrait, print, represent, scene, silhouette, sketch, stereogram, stereograph, study, tableau, thermotype, tintype, verb, view, vignette

Definitions of ‘paint’ paint (noun) Synonyms: pigment, cosmetic, rouge paint (verb) Synonyms: delineate, portray, lim, depict, picture, sketch

Dictionary January 21, 2024 January 21, 2024 cosmetic, delineate, depict, lim, noun, picture, pigment, portray, rouge, sketch, verb

Definitions of ‘outline’ outline (noun) Synonyms: contour, circumference, periphery, profile, sketch, draught, scenario

Dictionary January 17, 2024 January 17, 2024 circumference, contour, draught, noun, periphery, profile, scenario, sketch

Definitions of ‘map’ map (noun) Synonyms: chart Associated words: cartography, cartographer, chorography, chorographer, atlas, hachure, contour line, culture map (verb) […]

Dictionary December 12, 2023 December 12, 2023 atlas, cartographer, cartography, chart, chorographer, chorography, contour line, culture, delineate, hachure, noun, picture, plan, sketch, verb

Definitions of ‘drawing’ drawing (noun) Synonyms: traction, hauling, pulling, graphics, diagraphics, delineation, sketch, draught, diagram, picture, limning, representation

Dictionary August 8, 2023 August 8, 2023 delineation, diagram, diagraphics, draught, graphics, hauling, limning, noun, picture, pulling, representation, sketch, traction

Definitions of ‘draw’ draw (verb) Synonyms: haul, drag, tug, tow, attract, entice, allure, lure, induce, tempt, extract, educe, unsheathe, deduce, […]

Dictionary August 8, 2023 August 8, 2023 allure, attract, conclude, contract, deduce, delineate, depict, derive, disembowel, drag, draught, educe, entice, eviscerate, extract, haul, induce, infer, influence, limn, lure, shrink, sketch, tempt, tow, trace, tug, unsheathe, verb, win

Definitions of ‘design’ design (noun) Synonyms: sketch, draught, outline, plan, scheme, intention, purpose, project, intent, aim Associated words: teleology, teleologist, […]

Dictionary July 23, 2023 July 23, 2023 aim, draught, intent, intention, noun, outline, plan, project, purpose, scheme, sketch, teleological, teleologist, teleology

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aim, draught, intent, intention, noun, outline, plan, project, purpose, scheme, sketch, teleological, teleologist, teleology
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