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Definitions of ‘purpose’ purpose (noun) Synonyms: [[aim]], [[object]], [[design]], intent, [[goal]], [[view]], [[drift]] purpose (verb) Synonyms: [[intend]], [[design]], contemplate

Dictionary February 18, 2024 February 18, 2024 aim, contemplate, design, drift, goal, intend, intent, noun, object, verb, view

Definitions of ‘point’ point (verb) Synonyms: aim, level, direct, show, indicate, designate, punctuate, taper

Dictionary February 8, 2024 February 8, 2024 aim, designate, direct, indicate, level, punctuate, show, taper, verb

Definitions of ‘object’ object (verb) Synonyms: disapprove, oppose, demur, contravene, gainsay, except, cavil object (noun) Synonyms: thing, article, goal, purpose, […]

Dictionary January 9, 2024 January 9, 2024 aim, article, butt, cavil, contravene, demur, design, destination, disapprove, except, gainsay, goal, intent, motive, noun, oppose, purpose, target, thing, verb, view

Definitions of ‘intention’ intention (noun) Synonyms: design, plan, purpose, aim

Dictionary November 9, 2023 November 9, 2023 aim, design, noun, plan, purpose

Definitions of ‘goal’ goal (noun) Synonyms: bourne, end, aim, destination

Dictionary October 2, 2023 October 2, 2023 aim, bourne, destination, end, noun

Definitions of ‘end’ end (noun) Synonyms: termination, terminal, terminus, extremity, limit, bound, close, finale, conclusion, finis, cessation, issue, result, consequence, […]

Dictionary August 18, 2023 August 18, 2023 aim, annihilation, bound, cease, cessation, close, conclude, conclusion, consequence, design, destruction, discontinue, extermination, extremity, finale, finis, finish, fragment, goal, intent, intention, issue, limit, noun, object, peroration, purpose, remnant, result, sequel, surcease, terminal, terminate, termination, terminus, verb
Drive at

Definitions of ‘drive at’ Synonyms: aim, intend, purpose

Dictionary August 9, 2023 August 9, 2023 aim, intend, purpose

Definitions of ‘drift’ drift (noun) Synonyms: course, direction, bearing, tendency, aim, intention intent, design, import, meaning, accumulation, heap, bank, pile, […]

Dictionary August 9, 2023 August 9, 2023 accumulation, aim, bank, bearing, course, design, diluvium, direction, heap, import, intention intent, meaning, noun, pile, tendency

Definitions of ‘direct’ direct (adjective) Synonyms: straight, undeviating, diametrical Antonyms: indirect, circuitous, roundabout direct (verb) Synonyms: point, aim, guide, pilot, […]

Dictionary July 27, 2023 July 27, 2023 address, adjective, aim, conduct, control, diametrical, govern, guide, instruct, lead, manage, pilot, point, regulate, steer, straight, superintend, superscribe, undeviating, verb

Definitions of ‘design’ design (noun) Synonyms: sketch, draught, outline, plan, scheme, intention, purpose, project, intent, aim Associated words: teleology, teleologist, […]

Dictionary July 23, 2023 July 23, 2023 aim, draught, intent, intention, noun, outline, plan, project, purpose, scheme, sketch, teleological, teleologist, teleology

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aim, draught, intent, intention, noun, outline, plan, project, purpose, scheme, sketch, teleological, teleologist, teleology
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